Healthy veganism

When you become a vegetarian, you feel special, and then you learn about the dangers of dairy products, exclude all animal products, become a vegan and again feel special. But healthy veganism is not only the exclusion of all animal products.

After eating macaroni, vareniki, ground rice, potatoes, cookies, soy, you constantly load the gastrointestinal tract with heavy food. Why do you want to sleep after a meal? Because, the body directs all energy to food processing.

Healthy veganism is the predominance in the diet of a large number of fresh fruits and vegetables. White sugar, salt, refined oils, store sweets, bread, products from white flour, fried foods - all this is an unhealthy veganism. The wrong combination is also not a healthy veganism. If you exclude animal products and eat, as is customary - the first, second, third, dessert with tea and at the end of the fruit, nothing good will come of it. In the stomach will be fermentation, and the whole food mass is almost not assimilated.

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Health is a pure organism, filled with energy.

In vegan products, unfortunately, vegetable fats, white sugar, salt, flavor enhancers are added. You need to carefully read the composition of each product. Now there are a lot of callsign labels with inscriptions BIO and ECO, stuffed with sugar (or artificial sweeteners) and salt. It seems to me that such emblems should be on fruits and vegetables.

To understand the full harm of starchy foods, such as rice, potatoes and white flour products, read Arnold Eret's books. Everything will become clear to you.

Today, the main products in the diet of most people are, in addition to meat dishes, potatoes, pasta, rice and flour dishes. Starch, which is contained in these products, in a boiled condition turns into glue. They can glue wallpaper, and we consume it every day. Thus, all tiny vessels are glued together, the intestine is clogged and does not fulfill its function fully. Hence a lot of diseases.

You can think, and then what to eat? These products are easily replaced by analogues, for example, potatoes can be replaced with Jerusalem artichoke or radish. Macaroni to start whole grain pasta, and then boiled vegetables. Replace the rice with buckwheat. Bread is better to exclude altogether, or bake yourself with buckwheat. Flour and any other sweets replaced with dried fruits and fresh fruit. Perhaps a couple of weeks will be breaking, but then get used to it and feel much better.

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