Harm cow's milk

We have been accustomed to drinking milk in very different forms: in pure form, butter, cheese, cottage cheese, ice cream, yoghurt, mixtures, baby food, cocktails, cereals, baked goods, tea, cocoa and coffee. Almost everywhere. Even in the womb, dairy products come to us. At "every corner" we hear about the benefits, while not knowing about the harm of cow's milk .

What is harmful is cow's milk

We were inextricably linked that milk is calcium, just like, oranges are vitamin C (although there are foods with a much higher content of this vitamin, for example, red pepper and black currant). But, alas, statistics show that in countries with a large consumption of dairy products, osteoporosis is much more common than in countries with low consumption. The thing is, there is really a lot of calcium in the milk, but the body does not need it so much, and taking surpluses through the kidneys and intestines, it ishes calcium from the bones.
And it turns out a vicious circle, the more we drink milk, the less calcium we have. You can really strengthen the bones with the help of physical exercises. And calcium is enough in the plant world. Recordsmen for the content of calcium - sesame, poppy, fennel and leafy greens. In 100 grams of sesame contains almost daily rate of calcium.

And this is not all the harm of milk, milk protein (casein) contains substances (opiates) that cause dependence. Therefore, we literally "sit down" on milk as a drug. Nature is designed so that the baby was attached to the mother and fed on her milk. But no one in wildlife, except man, does not eat milk of a different kind and especially does not drink milk all his life. Therefore, the consumption of cow's milk is simply imposed on us.

To the cow gave more milk, she receives injections of hormones. Accordingly, these hormones enter our body. Milk can contain antibiotics, because cows often get sick. In case of a serious illness, if antibiotics are prescribed to us, they might just not work, because before that we consumed milk and antibodies appeared antibiotics.

More than half the people in the world have lactose intolerance (milk sugar). You are familiar with such symptoms as bloating, rumbling, loose stool, discomfort in the intestine. This means that the body wants to get rid of lactose as quickly as possible.

All packaged milk is heated at high temperatures (pasteurized) and there are practically no useful substances there. This is already becoming a dairy product and is more suited to the taste than to the good.

Milk can cause type 1 diabetes. The milk contains substances identical to the cells of the pancreas that produce insulin. The body begins to attack unfamiliar substances and, together with them, kills pancreatic cells. This is not the only, but silent, cause of type 1 diabetes.

The milk contains pus, which remains with heating. After all, cows are kept in unsanitary conditions, so infections are unavoidable. Since pus is white, it is impossible to notice in milk.

Baby milk formulas cause colic in children, and parents, not knowing about it, continue to feed the same, while giving drugs against colic. Even infants with breastfeeding may have colic and stomach problems, because the mother uses dairy products.

If you can not live without milk, then use the following recommendations:

  • Buy milk with a minimum shelf life. The less milk
    can be stored, so it is more natural.
  • Buy milk from farmers or friends in the village. They are monitoring
    their animals, feed them with grass and hay, and milk directly falls
    to you in a glass, without factory processing.
  • A man is better suited for goat's milk, but he has a specific taste, perhaps you will like it.
  • If you do not know what to replace milk , try vegetable: rice, buckwheat, almond, hazelnut, soy, oatmeal. It is sold in large stores and it can be prepared at home with a blender. This is the best way to give up cow's milk.

As a result, it turns out that there is nothing useful in milk, and its benefits are enriched with advertising. Then why drink it? For the taste, there is vegetable milk, and with a wild variety. To prepare meals, vegetable milk is also suitable, and in many recipes milk is simply not needed, it can be replaced with water, for example, pancakes can be cooked on mineral water.

We often hear about the benefits of milk, because everyone drinks it, but no one is just interested and therefore does not know about the harm of cow's milk. Study this question comprehensively, do not be like everyone, think about your own and the health of your loved ones!

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