Types of vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is the refusal to eat any animal meat for various reasons (ethical, spiritual, health, environmental). There are varieties of such food. And today I will tell you what kinds of vegetarianism exist and what is their meaning.

Varieties of vegetarianism

In any form, meat of all animals, fish and seafood is excluded.

  • Lacto-ovo-vegetarianism is the most sparing type, in which the use of milk, eggs and honey is permissible.
  • Lacto-vegetarianism - the eggs are excluded from the diet. Milk and honey remain.
  • Ovo-vegetarianism - you can eat eggs and honey. Milk is excluded.
  • Veganism is the most strict kind of vegetarianism, all animal products are excluded, including items with animal parts (leather, fur, fluff, fat, etc.).

There are species in which the use of fish and seafood is allowed. But this is difficult to call vegetarian, because meat is meat, animal protein is animal protein.

Cheese can not be used in all types, many cheeses contain a rennet of animal origin - it is made from the stomach of the animal. It is needed for the leaven of cheese. But now more and more cheeses are made using a microbial enzyme, i.e. starter from microorganisms. It is even better to buy cheese with minimal composition and without leaven, for example Adyghe cheese. Or make homemade cheese from quality milk.

Another hidden element of animal origin is gelatin. It is made from the bones of animals. It can be replaced with a plant analogue - agar-agar. This is an extract from algae. Sometimes gelatin is added for the thickening of yogurts and other dairy products. Therefore, carefully read the composition of all products.

By the way, the hematogen is made with the use of bovine blood, and in the chewing gum one can find animal products.

Many types of cosmetics are tested on animals and animal products are added to them, for example shark liver fat is present in shadows, lipstick or bath oils, whale vomit in perfume to enhance odor (Chanel No. 5), fish scales (guanine) in shampoos and nail polish, etc. Therefore, choose ethical cosmetics, better eco.

Whatever type of vegetarianism you choose, in any case you will bring great benefits to your health and the world around you.

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