Vegetarianism: Food

Many people, thinking about vegetarian food, imagine eating one grass. We were drilled into the head that "without meat, not life." And no one wants to think about it or is scared that they will take away their favorite food. But everything is much simpler, if once you figure it all out.

Vegetarian diet

In simple terms, food consists of the same products, only meat is replaced by others. And the diet is much broader and richer in many ways than in traditionally-eating people. New products are opening and I want to try something new. Let's look at an approximate, daily diet of a vegetarian.


Any cereal, you can add vegetable milk, cinnamon, raisins, banana and vanilla. Changing every day cereals, you can get absolutely different breakfasts. Omelet from tofu with tomatoes. Bakery products. Casseroles. Or just eat fruit.


Fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetable milk, freshly squeezed juice, smoothies, dried fruits, cookies, sandwiches with tofu and vegetables, burrito with beans.


At lunch it is better to eat the heaviest food, because until the evening you will have time to digest everything. You can eat beans with cereals, vegetarian cutlets, soy meat, rolls, cream soups, pasta, potatoes, casseroles, lasagna, pizza, pilaf, vareniki, mushroom dishes.


For dinner, it is better to eat something light. The best option would be salad, baked vegetables or vegetable smoothies. To sleep was deep and strong, you need to go to bed with ease in the stomach.

I listed a very approximate menu for vegetarians. If you look at cookbooks, then there will be a lot of recipes, you can prepare a new dish every day. Combining cereals with legumes, you get high-grade proteins. And if you eat eggs and dairy products, you can not worry about anything at all. Be sure to read the article about the harm of cow's milk .

As a result, the vegetarian diet consists of the same products as ordinary people, only without meat and fish, vegan also without dairy and generally without any animal products. The emphasis is on cereals, legumes, nuts, root vegetables, vegetables and fruits. This set of products will suffice "with a head" to replenish stocks of vitamins and all elements.

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