Vegetarianism and health

Whatever the point, vegetarianism is closely related to health, because we are what we eat. Of course, just giving up meat food will not make you super healthy, but positive changes will occur, especially over time.

Vegetarian lifestyle means giving up any type of meat, including fish and seafood. Fish is usually not considered a meat, but it is fundamentally not true, because animal protein is an animal protein. And our organism perceives the alien protein as an antigen, that is, it is hostile and tries to get rid of it as soon as possible. But getting rid of it is not so easy, because it's a heavy product. Therefore, the meat is not fully digested and the undigested residues settle on the walls of the intestine, falling partially into the blood. In short, meat partially rot in the body. Gastric juice does not cope with meat food, it is not adapted for this.

Proceeding from this, vegetarianism is very closely related to health. Especially the use of sausage products, which are stuffed in large quantities with chemistry, I would not even call it food. Therefore, when switching to vegetarianism , first of all, it is necessary to refuse sausages and meat semi-finished products, including ham, pelmeni, pancakes with meat, carbonates, sudzhuk, basturma ...

How Vegetarianism Affects Health

Removing the meat from the ration, you unload your body, allow you to clear a little, stop accumulating undigested remnants. Thus, you do not want to lie down after a meal, you feel more energetic and most importantly, you prevent the possible development of diseases. Cancer has already become like a cold, but meat is one of the causes of this ailment.

Describe all the unpleasant processes that occur in the body during eating meat, I will not, I will only say that the whole body suffers as a result, because everything is carried by blood.

In meat, there is absolutely no fiber, so meat with pasta, potatoes or rice is the most terrible combination. You 100% will pull into sleep. Try, for a start, instead of garnish any vegetables. Due to fiber, digestion will be much better.

Meat is a heavy and substandard protein, moreover it is stuffed with antibiotics, chemistry, cadaveric poison and the spirit of death. In plants, enough protein, take for example legumes, nuts and seeds. Open any product calculator and see for yourself. Soybeans are generally considered to be the record for protein.

After giving up meat, chronic diseases can improve. For example, with diabetes, sugar is normalized, with obesity, you lose weight, with hypertension, the pressure will decrease.

Meat makes delicious seasonings, gravies, fried onions, sauces, the very process of frying in oil. Try to eat boiled meat without salt or at all a piece of raw meat. And the vegetables are delicious on their own, without cooking, salt, oil and spices.

Vegetarianism and health are inalienable parts. If you are a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, then try to fast or give up meat for a month. You will be satisfied. Only to force yourself in any case is not worth it, only make it worse. You must do everything sincerely, with a purpose, then you will succeed.

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