Vegetarianism and fish

Vegetarianism is a rejection of any meat products, but for some reason people decided that fish and seafood are not meat. I, too, when I first encountered vegetarianism, at first I used fish, and only after a couple of months I excluded it, because vegetarianism and fish are incompatible things.

Why vegetarians do not eat fish

  1. First, the fish is a living thing that contains animal protein. And animal protein, as is known to man - is harmful. Read the article Man predator or herbivore and the harmful meat for man .
  2. Secondly, everyone is used to perceive fish as a vegetable or fruit, she supposedly does not feel pain. But the fish have eyes, mouth, it breathes and most importantly - there is a nervous system. The question is, why is she fish? Pain is a signal, an instinct for self-preservation. You burned yourself, automatically, sharply jerked your arm and the next time you hardly go there. Therefore, the fish is alive, when it is extracted from the water, it suffocates, and when it is cut, it feels pain. The fish wants to live in a banal way.
  3. Thirdly, the fish is a very dirty product, because industrial emissions, heavy metals and mercury get into the water. By the way, mercury can be found only in fish, and this is the strongest poison. All this accumulates in fish and can get into a person. Fish can contain parasites and harmful microorganisms, so any fish should be well thermally processed. Even fish grown in artificial reservoirs can be dangerous because they are fed with fish industry waste. If you are a land lover, in which it is customary to add raw fish, you expose yourself to all of the above dangers. By the way, vegetarian rolls are no worse than fish, and some even tastier. In some European countries, tuna and canned food from it are prohibited during pregnancy because of the content of potent poisons.

Here for these three main reasons, vegetarianism and fish are not compatible.

If you can not give up fish just because of the taste, read the article Than to replace the fish .

Many people tend to think that fish is a dietary product. Remember that everything is in moderation. In fish, as in meat, there is a lot of fat, which has the property of accumulating.

Despite the harm of fish, it still contains a lot of nutrients, vitamins, iodine, calcium, iron, omega-3, omega-6, B3 and B12. But I'm afraid that after a lot of cooking or frying, there is not much left, and all this is in the plant food, and to expose yourself to such a danger simply does not make sense.

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