Vegetarianism and diabetes

One of the most common diseases for today is diabetes mellitus. 90% are type 2 diabetes and 10% are type 1 diabetes. The second type of diabetes is cured, because it is associated mainly with malnutrition and lack of mobility. And the first type is a more complicated disease, which manifests itself from birth or from childhood . But it is also curable. Today you will learn how vegetarianism and diabetes are related.

Let's move right to the point. In Neil Barnard's book "Overcoming food temptations", there is a chapter about meat, and so studies were conducted during which it was established that meat increases the production of insulin. Although the meat does not have carbohydrates!

Another negative factor in meat is its fat content, the more fatty foods in the diet, the lower the sensitivity of cells to insulin. Simply put, insulin is more difficult to penetrate into a greased cell.

By myself, I can say that becoming a vegetarian, I reduced the intake of insulin.

Now the most important thing is dairy products. Read the article about the harm of cow's milk . Vegetarians believe that milk can be consumed, because animals are not killed at the same time. This is a fact, but what happens next they apparently do not know. But it's not about this, it turns out that dairy products contain substances similar to cells that produce insulin. The body (the immune system) attacks the foreign product (milk) and kills by mistake its own cells. This is not one of the causes of type 1 diabetes, but the fact remains.

Someone's body is stronger, the genes are stronger, and someone has a predisposition to disease, and it is better not to treat illnesses, but to warn. When I completely eliminated dairy products and eggs from the diet, the doses of insulin taken decreased.

In any case, eliminating dairy and meat products, you will feel better and prevent the development of many diseases.

The animal products are quite heavy, especially since we are accustomed to using them with bread, rice, potatoes or pasta and all this is buttered, which further increases the severity. After such a meal, you want to lie down. So it should not be, food is energy for our body. Accordingly, instead of moving we are lying. And the movement in diabetes of any type is very important! The more you move, the stronger the sensitivity of cells to insulin, the more one burns excess glucose and excess calories.

In the end, vegetarianism and diabetes are closely related, although many do not know about it, because doctors for some reason are silent.

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