Vegans and vegetarians: differences

Now more and more it is becoming popular to be healthy, play sports, read, travel, develop. There are many different diets that have their fans. Also, with the abandonment of animal products, vegans and vegetarians are constantly replenishing their ranks. But what are the differences between vegans and vegetarians ? What goals do they pursue?

Vegetarians are people who only limit themselves to eating without eating meat products. In this article you can read about the types of vegetarianism . The reasons can be different: health, compassion, ecology, religion, fashion.

Vegan is the next stage, after vegetarianism. Excluded from the diet are all animal products, including honey and the refusal to use animals anywhere. This is not just a diet, but a whole philosophy. After all, animal products are everywhere: clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture, interior items, cars, covers. Veganism is a total, ethical attitude towards animals.

I believe that whatever the reason, it's a noble cause. After all, why should animals die an unnatural death, suffer and eventually get to us on a plate? All myths about the need for animal protein have long been dispelled, thousands of athletes achieve amazing results without animal products. So that makes sense. Especially now on the shelves of stores such a variety that sometimes you do not know what to choose.

Here are the differences between vegans and vegetarians. It will be hard to become a vegan right away. First give up meat, watch yourself what has changed, how you began to feel. And then gradually remove the eggs and milk. And also watch. In any case, the body will be grateful to you!

Vegans and vegetarians - coordinating differences - are different groups of people, but with similar interests. Now it's fashionable, but fashion is known to pass, so decide whether you need vegetarianism, veganism or not.

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  1. This phrase "Why do animals have to die an unnatural death, suffer and eventually get to us on a plate?" Is a nameless hypocrisy. Vegans deprive pets of even a short life. Nobody will grow animals for nothing. And now those who live will simply be killed and disposed of. What is better for a piglet - a short and full life or absence of life in general? And how to make your favorite dog eat grass? It remains or kill her or the pig. Vegans, are you ready to make a choice? I respect your rejection of animal food, but do not use such dirty methods for agitation. Argument simply by the use of plant foods.

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