vegan shaurma

Vegan Shawarma [recipe]

Sometimes there is no time or just too lazy to prepare complex dishes, and fast food is not very useful. Shaurma can come to the aid, and in our case vegan shawarma .

Recipe for vegan shawarma

There are many options for cooking vegan shawarma. It all depends on your imagination. In fact, all vegan dishes are prepared in the same way as classical ones, only animal products are replaced by plant products. You can just see how a classic shawarma is cooked on the street, and you can do the same at home, only without meat.

So, for vegan shawarma we will need:

  • Lavash (unleavened)
  • Tomato paste (can ketchup) and / or lean mayonnaise and / or mustard
  • Tofu or cooked soy meat or cutlets from legumes
  • Vegetables for your taste, for example carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, cabbage, onions, radish
  • Mushrooms (to taste)
  • Sesame
  • Salt, spices at will

vegan shaurma

Everything is prepared very simply: lay out the pita bread, grease it with tomato paste and / or mayonnaise, lay out neatly the ingredients and roll. Shaurma is ready.

recipe for vegan shawarma

All the charm of home vegan shawarma is that you yourself regulate what ingredients and how much to add. And you can cook 2.3 different shawarms at the same time, because the taste and size of the stomach are different for everyone.

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