The vegan diet

Today it is fashionable to sit on diets and constantly lose weight. But the diet is a temporary solution, then everything comes back and you have to lose weight again. And in order not to be bored, the diet needs to be changed. Correctly selected vegan diet can bring visible results in the form of a beautiful figure and perfect well-being.

The essence of the vegan diet

You for a time exclude from the rations all animal products, and since they are mostly fat and heavy, the body has energy for purification. All accumulated toxins and excess fat leave.

But there are subtleties. The vegan diet includes such products as nuts, flour, cereals, dried fruits and other sweets. If you eat in large quantities with such products, the result will be reversed, although you will stick to the vegan diet.

You should be dominated by vegetables and unsweetened fruits, plus you need to mix the products correctly. Nuts are enough 1 handful a day with your palm. Dried fruits, if you really want candy.

An example of a vegan diet for a day


  • After waking up a glass of pure water with lemon or lime juice
  • Any fruit that you like best, better citrus fruits
  • Either breakfast is skipped
  • If you are used to eating breakfast, try oatmeal in water without sugar.


Fruits, dried fruits, nuts or smoothies


  • Fresh vegetable salad + buckwheat porridge with stewed vegetables
  • Oatmeal
  • Whole-grain rice with stewed vegetables
  • Vegetable soup


Smoothies, fruit, vegetable salad or freshly squeezed juice


  • Vegetable salad or green smoothies + tofu with whole grains macaroni
  • Vegetable soup with unleavened bread
  • Boiled potatoes with stewed lentils, beans, chickpeas or green peas

This is just an example, try to find low-fat meals in a cafe or dining room. Eat fresh vegetables first, then everything else. Fruits are separate from all meals and not less than 30 minutes before meals. About fruit for dessert forget it!

Try to dress salads with lemon juice or unrefined oil.

For a quick cleansing from toxins, drink at least 2 liters of pure water during the day.

Be sure to do sports, best cardio: running, swimming, biking, roller skating, yoga, active gymnastics, skating, skiing, long walking.

But remember, it's best to stick to a stable lifestyle than to jump from a diet to a diet. The vegan diet will give quick results only if the above rules are observed. For a change, you can prepare different dishes, try new sports, while adhering to certain rules in the diet.

If you dive into a vegan diet, it is absolutely not strict, only at first glance. All products of animal origin are easily replaced. You get a similar taste, consistency, but at the same time easy-digestible food of plant origin.

Sausages, cheese, cottage cheese, cutlets, milk, sweets - all this can be bought absolutely without animal products.

Try a month to sit on a vegan diet, watch the sensations, see how much excess weight is gone, how you feel. Perhaps in the beginning will pull on the usual products, but everything can be replaced. Eat more vegetables and unsweetened fruits, move more, do your favorite thing. And remember, meat for weaklings;)

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