Raw breakfast

To diversify the menu on raw food, in addition to vegetables and fruits, you sometimes want something special. Today I'll tell you how you can make a raw breakfast delicious and useful.

Breakfast raw in summer

The easiest way to eat in the summer is to eat, because a lot of berries, fruit and vegetables are ripening. This is a period of great variety for every day. Today cherries, tomorrow cherries, the day after tomorrow blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, honeysuckle, gooseberries and so on forever. You do not need to invent anything.

For ice cream lovers, I'll tell you a recipe for a simple raw cheese ice cream that fits perfectly into a raw breakfast: put 2 bananas in the freezer for 3 hours. Take any berries and mix with a blender with frozen bananas. It turns out excellent ice cream. You can just beat up bananas and get a creamy banana ice cream. Frost gives creamy flavor to bananas.

If there is no time to eat fruit, you can speed up the process and make smoothies. The fewer ingredients, the better. Fruits fit well with greenery. One of my favorite options: apple + peppermint + spinach. Or pear + apple. Fantasy flight here is huge. You can add ginger, berries, celery. You can make a vegetable smoothie (you get a raw soup).

In the morning the organism is cleaned, therefore it is not necessary to heavily burden the digestive tract. You can sometimes not have breakfast, but drink water with lemon juice, freshly squeezed juice or a dogrose infusion. In the morning citrus fruits are good. In hot days often do not want anything heavy, so learn to listen to your body.

Breakfast raw in winter

In winter, you always want something warm and that's why many break down and eat boiled porridge. But this is not a way out of the situation, because you can cook a warm raw mash. For example, cook better in the evening, take the sprouts of buckwheat, three raw zucchini on grater, add favorite spices, butter, put everything in a food container (preferably glass), cover with a lid and put it on the battery. In the morning you will be waited by a warm, raw food porridge. You can make a sweet version by mixing the sprouts of buckwheat with a banana and a pinch of cinnamon. On the battery the porridge will not be welded, but will be in a warm state, thereby you will close the problem "you want something hot." So you can cook any raw porridge and soup.

In the same way, raw food is prepared. Take herbs or tea, pour a liter of water in a glass teapot, and the teapot is put on the battery at night. If you want stronger, then hold the battery for longer. Get a delicious, warm tea without boiling, and all plants will preserve vitamins and nutrients.

To winter not to freeze, start running around in the mornings and pour cold water. It's best to start doing this from summer to instill a habit. Then in the winter you not only will not freeze, but also will become easier to dress.

On raw food, breakfast is much more convenient than on the usual diet - ate a couple of fruits or vegetables and do not have to cook. Raw breakfast saves time, you can sleep a little longer or read your favorite book in the morning.

On raw food, life is simpler from part, and from the part more difficult, because we live in a society, and in it do not like "white crows". But everyone has health, so always remember why you eat live food and what is your true goal.

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