The essence of vegetarianism

Everyone has different reasons for switching to vegetarianism . And whatever the goal, it already carries a positive charge. Today we will talk about the reasons for the transition and what is the essence of vegetarianism .

The reasons for the transition to vegetarianism

  1. Health. One of the main reasons, especially in our consumer time, when there is everything on the shelves of stores. Meat is an unnatural product for a person. Read on this topic article The man - a predator or a herbivore . The meat is not fully digested for a long time, releasing toxins that accumulate in the body, causing various diseases. Add to this antibiotics, which feed animals, growth hormones and cadaveric poison. Meat can not be fresh, only if you caught and immediately eaten the animal. Of course, not only giving up meat will make you healthy, but there will be more energy, especially if you are a fan of meat products.
  2. Ethicality. For the sake of stuffing the belly and obtaining taste pleasure, animals are killed. Such a crazy consumption of meat products has never been. Surprisingly, we love cats and dogs, and cows, pigs and chicken lie cut out on our tables. It's just a paradox. Although in Vietnam, even dogs are consumed, and in Australia kangaroos. At the same time we go to the zoo and enjoy the animals. It's time to wake up and realize that animals feel pain and want to live, they know how to love and be faithful. By the way, fish have a nervous system and they feel pain. But there was nobody to blame, we were put on meat since childhood, it is everywhere: baby food, kindergarten, school, cafes, canteens, shops. And of course, advertising on TV. We are left with no choice and do not provide adequate information. "The meat contains a unique protein that is not found in other foods." Say this to a gorilla who has 98% similar DNA to a person and who eats mainly bananas.
  3. Ecology. People who know that livestock - this is one of the serious causes of the violation of the ecology of the land cease to consume meat. After all, to make pens for cows, to allocate land for sowing fodder, to build meat-and-meat and meat-processing enterprises, to organize sewerage, it is necessary to cut down forests and drain ponds. Plus transportation from one country to another requires a huge amount of fuel, which means additional emissions into the atmosphere. Add water pollution in the process of animal husbandry. And all this for the sake of a piece of meat on the table. All the food that goes to the cattle could feed all the hungry children of the world. Meat production is a huge industry with a colossal ecological trace for the sake of stuffing our stomachs with harmful food. Think!
  4. Spirituality. Most religions practice a complete or partial refusal of meat. After all, meat carries a charge of negative energy in the form of death. The animal before the murder feels it and experiences the strongest stress. And such a product falls into our body. All this affects the mind, people become more aggressive and evil. In addition, meat digests toxins, and they walk through the blood, obscuring the human mind. In this state, it is difficult to meditate, pray, practice yoga or other spiritual practices.

The essence of vegetarianism is not formed by one sentence - it is a combination of serious causes. If you are touched by at least one reason it is worth considering about the transition to vegetarianism.

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