Problems of nutrition of people

We are used to getting cold regularly, wearing a handkerchief, drops in the nose, keeping a mountain of tablets at home, not knowing that most common diseases are people's nutritional problems .

We were deceived by all from childhood, giving a narrow choice. We are given the choice of which meat and with which side dish to eat it. Which producer of dairy products to choose. But, the real truth is hidden: what these products are made from, what they process, and most importantly, that there are other types of food. And all because the system is not profitable, so that people are healthy, who then will visit doctors and go to pharmacies? Who will buy tons of unhealthy food, drink alcohol and smoke? Even the topic of healthy nutrition is turned upside down, because we usually have porridge with milk, drink milk and eat dairy products. I'm not talking about meat and meat semi-finished products ...

Global hypocrisy or total indifference

I understand that there are many "hooks" that do not allow to jump off the usual diet. It is protein in meat and milk, taste, lack of vitamins, "and then what is" ... But all this is a banal objection, which is easily removed by the abundance of information and examples of other people. Still know that smoking and drinking alcohol is harmful, where does this information come from? Think! Look around, a lot of fat and well-fed people, the belly of a man is considered an element of solidity and the norm. And what's in this belly? The muscles? Force? Vitamins?

It seems to me that the problems of feeding people from ignorance, what they eat and what consequences they are waiting for. That the taste can be replaced, vitamins are more in plant products, and a high-grade protein is abundant in plant foods.

If pets are fed "human" food, then they will have the same diseases. Although animals do not get sick in the wild. It says a lot.

It turns out most diseases can be cured without pills, injections and surgeries, changing only the food. Yes, it's not easy, because dependence on food is like drugs, but I'm sure health is more expensive. People of age are so "stiffened" that they are simply not ready to accept new information, because the old paradigms will collapse, which means that the whole life has been spent in vain. Parents are accustomed to going to doctors, trusting television, radio, pharmacists, sellers. They are afraid of change and think that in another way is a deviation from the norm. And of course they are giving us something to which they themselves are accustomed for the best reasons.

When you were fed "asleep" as a child, parents wanted you to grow strong, strong and healthy, based on the knowledge that they had. Simply the information was available in narrow circles, now on the contrary information is much too much and it is freely available, thanks to the Internet. Now there is much more choice.

Solving the problem of nutrition people

Unfortunately, those norms of nutrition that prescribe modern society does not apply to health. Look at how many pharmacies and private clinics and how many people in budget polyclinics. I do not mean traumatology and dentistry, everything happens in life, but problems with pressure, colds, vascular, pulmonary diseases, metabolic disorders, allergies are all problems of malnutrition, sedentary lifestyle and regular stress. Everyone can influence this on their own.

Of course, not only does nutrition affect health, but this is the basic factor, and many illnesses go away, changing only nutrition.

The solution to the problem of people's nutrition is that one must be more conscious, take responsibility for one's health, think about why this is so, and not otherwise, how to do better, be more careful about what you eat and in what quantities. After all, our body is not a factory for processing everything and everything, as most people think. Become meticulous, learn the foods that you eat, what they consist of, what you feel after eating them. Food should give energy, not sleep.

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