The habit of eating

Food from the means of obtaining energy has become a way of life. The habit of eating haunts us constantly in sorrow and in joy. Any event comes down to a feast. In many countries, the dinner lasts 4 hours. Family time is a get-together with food.

The habit of eating in society

I do not argue that it's nice to eat tasty food, and even with good people, but in many ways - it turned into entertainment. We try new dishes, discuss them, take pictures, recommend them and try them again. The food began to take too much time.

The body does not have time to process and withdraw such a quantity of food, so it stores it in the form of fat and toxins. The stomach stretches and the abdomen appears. Now you need more food.

Naturally, it is profitable for sellers to buy as much food as possible, so they go for various tricks - bright packaging, beautiful photography, advertising with a delicious story, smells of baking in shops and on the streets.

how to get rid of the habit of eating

It turns out that the society has formed a habit of constantly eating. We psychologically tied pleasant events to eating. Cinema is associated with popcorn and soda, watching football with beer and snack, holidays with alcohol, the beginning of spring and a trip to the cottage with shish kebabs, a new year with a rich meal, a grandmother with pancakes and porridge. Everyone will have their own associations.

The appearance of the chewing gum made us constantly chewing creatures. It's good that we need to sleep at night, otherwise we would eat with pleasure 24 hours a day.

Meetings and business meetings are held in the cinema, cafes and restaurants. Think for a second, why so much food, because most of it remains in the toilet? It's the same habit as smoking. I'm not saying completely refuse, but why create a cult of food ?

The average person for life is very small amount of food. If people are able to starve for 40 days, it says a lot. The amount of calories and servings in society is greatly exaggerated.

How to get rid of the habit of eating

The habit of eating should be replaced by another habit, then you will not notice any loss. You can go in for sports, find a hobby, spend more time with your family and children, try something new, for example jump with a parachute, register for a dance, learn how to play a musical instrument, learn a new language, read more and walk. Try to become a vegetarian or just vegan . Hungry for 24 hours. Start tempering. Running, doing yoga. I'm sure that you have not tried many things in your life. Vivid impressions can be obtained not only from food.

We seize boredom, loneliness, grief, joy. Many eating habits are associated with a lack of emotions, such as spicy dishes with a lack of extreme and something new.

Be sure to read the article How to get rid of food addiction . It tells the hormonal factors and the causes of drug dependence on food.

A person gets used to everything, a minimum of 21 days is necessary for a new habit. Perhaps in the beginning will be breaking, but it will pass, and in return you will get excellent health, a beautiful figure and a bright life.

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  1. Liked your article, a lot of useful tips and recommendations. I have been trying for a long time to switch to vegetarianism (about two years), but until it turns out, there are "failures", but the goal is set and I go to it! And your advice helps me in this. Thank you!

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