principles of human health

Principles of human health

In our time, it is especially important to monitor health, because the world has changed and become more automated and technical. But the principles of human health remained the same, despite the deterioration of the external and internal environment.

What affects human health

Nutrition, water, air, nature, environment, recreation, motor activity, the inner world of man. These are the main parameters that make up the foundation of good health. And now let's walk through each of them separately.


The closest contact with the body is eating. "You are what you eat" and "We eat to live, and not live to eat" - 2 simple phrases that describe in a capacious manner how to treat food. The body does not know the chemical compounds that are found in modern foods and therefore tries to derive them, and if not, then puts it off for better times. Hence the problem with the skin and overweight. The diet of a healthy person should be 70, 80% of fresh fruits and vegetables, the rest - cooked food. Ideally 100% live food. The digestive system must necessarily rest every day, at least 12 hours. Recommendation - do not eat after 6 - in addition to improving sleep, also refers to the rest of the gastrointestinal tract. Nutrition is one of the most important principles of human health, because all life is built on food.


We are 80% water, so clean water is needed. Depending on the type of food and lifestyle, everyone will have their own need for water. If your diet contains a lot of juicy fruits, then you need less water. You need to drink well-purified water. Water dissolves and removes toxins from the body. Also to the water is the washing of the body. It is advisable before going to bed and taking a shower in the morning, even better contrast.


The most important thing is a full-fledged, night-time sleep, without interruption. During sleep, rest and recovery of all body systems takes place. It is better to lie early and get up early, than vice versa. The amount of sleep is determined individually, someone needs more, someone less. Also there is an active and passive rest. If most of the time you are sitting, then you need active leisure (walking, hiking, any kind of sport, traveling). If the work is physical, then passive (lie down, go to the movies, slow walking tours).


Without food and water you can still live for a while, but without air in any way. Living in a megacity, the body constantly conducts cleaning from the polluted air. Therefore, ideally, you need to move closer to nature and breathe clean air. Also, breathing practices are very useful, the less you breathe, the less the wear and tear of the body.


Forest, mountains, sea. It is very important for us to be in the natural landscapes, listen to the singing of birds, look at the trees, walk on the grass. Cities are mostly high-rise buildings with sharp corners and asphalt. The choice in the direction of own house on the nature is obvious. This is not a primary principle of human health, but one must strive for it. Even more often to be in nature.


It forms us. If you are surrounded by positive and kind people, you will become the same. What qualities do you want to possess? Look for a company of people with such qualities, communicate with them, be friends and you will subconsciously become the owner of these qualities. If you want to be healthy or get rid of the disease, then communicate with healthy or defeated people.

Physical activity

Our body is designed for movement, so any activity in moderation will only benefit. Do yoga, fitness, jogging, swimming, skiing, tennis, football ... Any moving activity that brings pleasure is suitable. Sports people have more immunity and more energy.

Human inner world

Our thoughts also affect our health. Thoughts cause emotions, and emotions affect the body. Anger, fear, anger, resentment are negative emotions and they act destructively. Laughter, joy, delight, tranquility - such emotions have a beneficial effect on the body. You've probably heard about the law of attraction, what attracts like things, that is, what you think most of the time, then you attract into your life. If you want health and happiness, then thoughts should be appropriate. In short, try to think positively.

I listed the basic principles of human health. Unfortunately, observing one or two points to achieve perfect health will not work. But you can start with something and gradually introduce into your life all the principles of human health. Start with nutrition, motor activity and inner peace, this will be enough to begin with, because changes require time and adaptation. But this time will more than pay off your wonderful state of health and endless energy.

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