The right combination of food

The right combination of food

Many people think (or do not think) that our body is a factory for processing any food. And such people in different forms suffer from digestive problems, but simply ignore them (to drink a tablet after a dense feast is a common thing). It turns out the products can and must be competently combined, so that digestion works "like a clock." Just the right combination of food , without restrictions in food, gives tremendous results.

I'm sure you know that foods consist of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This is the secret of the combination of products. Some combinations cause fermentation and indigestion. Some are quickly digested, some slowly. And all this must be known and taken into account when preparing the diet.

Rules for combining products

rules for combining products

The simplest advice is not to mix proteins with carbohydrates, but this will not be enough for good digestion and well-being. Therefore, it is better to delineate the food as follows:

Fruits are always separately. You can 30 minutes before eating. After it is impossible, there will be fermentation, because fruits are digested faster than any food. Fruits also have their own hierarchy of combination: sweet fruits combine with sweet, sour with sour, starchy with starchy, melons and watermelons to eat separately. For example, the right combination: bananas with persimmons, bananas with avocados, citrus with other citrus fruits. It is better to eat everything separately, for example, eating oranges, after 20 minutes of bananas, etc.

Starchy foods: potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potato, rice, millet, buckwheat, pasta, avocado (combined with starches and starchy fruits), bread, all flour products, beans. Combine with fresh or cooked vegetables, as well as with each other.

Animal products: fish, meat, eggs, dairy products, seafood. Combine with any vegetables and each other. Do not mix with starches! Combinations of starches with animal products heavily load the digestive tract. On a garnish to a fish or meat the salad from fresh vegetables or stewed vegetables is better will approach.

Combine mushrooms as cooked vegetables.

Fresh and cooked vegetables are combined with starches, nuts and animal products.

Fresh greens are combined with all products.

Nuts and seeds are combined with vegetables or with each other. It is better to soak them for cleansing from dirt and better digestion, and also grind in a blender.

Dried fruits should be eaten separately, soaking them in clear water for the night. So they will get better and all the chemistry that is contained in most dried fruits will come out of them.

Any fats slow digestion, as well as improper combinations of foods.

Neutral products (combined with any group except fruit): fresh vegetables, olives, butter, soy sauce (preferably without sugar), mustard (preferably without sugar), vegetable oils, seasonings, plant sweeteners (Jerusalem artichoke syrup, maple syrup, syrup agave, grape sugar), honey, lemons, 70% and higher chocolate (preferably without sugar). Such products are combined with all groups, but in small quantities, as an addition. For example, for dessert, you can eat chocolate after lunch or a couple of spoons of honey. It is better to use products without sugar, so they do not cause fermentation, so always read carefully the composition.

Drink water better 10 minutes before and 3 hours after eating. It is better not to drink, not to dilute the gastric juice. But if you really want to, then drink small sips and a small amount.

Teas and coffee should be drunk separately from any food, especially with sugar.

To reduce the negative impact of the wrong combination of products, you need to engage in active sports, so that the body quickly detoxifies. Aerobic workouts, such as yoga, running, walking, jumping rope, skis, skating, swimming are best.

Now I'll try to simplify the above:

  1. Do not mix proteins with carbohydrates
  2. Greenery is combined with all products
  3. Fruits always eat separately
  4. Always use vegetables for garnish
  5. Want to eat the wrong combination, go in for sports
  6. Do not drink during and immediately after eating

Ideally, you need to mix as little as possible, so that the benefits from each product are higher. Reduce the amount of vegetables in the salad, eat the baked fish without butter with a green salad, if the fruit, then first one kind, and after 10 minutes another. Make the recipes as simple as possible. It turns out that thin pancakes can be cooked without eggs and milk on mineral water from whole wheat flour. And very tasty. Look for a replacement for classic, heavy meals, learn vegan cuisine, try new recipes. The combination of food should be easy. Remember that the simpler, the better.

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