The Benefits of Veganism

We consist of what we eat. Each cell is nourished, in that it enters the stomach. If you eat poison, it is logical that you will feel bad. The use of veganism for the body is to exclude the main poisons of mankind - animal products.

Although in veganism you can eat wrong. Read the article Healthy veganism on this topic.

To begin with, a person is not a predator , this is indicated by all physiology, beginning with saliva and finishing with limbs. Accordingly, it is unusual for us to eat meat. On this subject there is a scientific literature, for example, the Chinese research and Theory of adequate nutrition and trophology. Meat is poorly digested and decays. By the way, meat and fish belong to meat. That is, we do not eat fish and squid, and fish meat and meat of squid or shrimp. They are also poorly digested and release toxins. Especially in marine life many poisons from the sea get to. A mussel is a filter of water, they let through all the dirt.

Dairy industry also does not bring anything good, except for the taste and habit of drinking coffee with milk or eating yogurt in the morning. About the harm of milk, read the article Harm of cow milk .

There are eggs and honey. Chickens carrying eggs are in terrible stress because of crowdedness, they are pricked by hormones to make eggs bigger, and they were larger. And most importantly, the egg is a future embryo, that is, a chicken. Many people say that these are unfertilized eggs. What's the difference, this is certainly the future chicken and its contents leaves much to be desired. Moreover, it is an animal protein, which is not our species food.

Honey is considered a medicine from medicines in folk medicine. But whatever one may say, this is the processed nectar, which the bee spewes out of its cavity. This is a fermented product of bees, that is, it refers to animal products. Eat it or not, choose you. In principle, in addition to honey, there are other natural plant syrups: agave syrup, Jerusalem artichoke, coconut sugar, stevia. And useful substances can be obtained from fruits and vegetables. Therefore, honey can be easily discarded.

The use of veganism is not only related to health, because being a vegan means treating the animal world with love. Do not wear leather and fur, do not sponsor the killing of animals and a poor attitude towards them, for example in a circus, do not use cosmetics and cleaning products with animal products, etc. Each vegan makes a contribution to the world around him, he makes it better. The less violence, the better all. Ecology is getting better, people are kinder and more aware, health is improving, demand for fruits and vegetables is increasing, which means that prices are getting lower.

But this is the choice of everyone. And not everyone needs it. Not everyone comes to this. Forcibly you can not force anyone. But everyone can give up meat at least. And this is the beginning of something good.

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