The benefits and harms of vegetarianism

The Benefits and Harms of Vegetarianism

You decided to try a new diet or just decided to give up animal products for one reason or another. But you are afraid, but suddenly something will go wrong. Suddenly I will not get the proper effect. Everything new in life causes fear and fear. And this is normal. Today we will talk about the benefits and dangers of vegetarianism , but whether it is worth it.

The Benefits of Vegetarianism

  1. You reduce the burden on the body, because processing of heavy proteins requires huge efforts from the body. That's why all who switch to vegetarianism feel the ease and energy boost. There are no heavy products, no heaviness in the body.
  2. You stop using antibiotics, growth hormones, cadaveric poison, which are contained in meat of industrial production. The production of meat and milk is a business and a huge flow. Therefore, all natural processes have to be accelerated at the expense of pharmaceuticals. Cows eat soy (instead of grass), get sick, they are fed with antibiotics. So that they grow faster and give more milk give growth hormones. Before the murder, the hormone of fear is released, and after the cadaveric poison. And all this good gets into your body, even with temperature treatment. By the way, if you cut the meat with your bare hands, you can pick up worms. Do you want it?
  3. Your thoughts become purer. Consciousness is more clear. You start to think about deep, vital things. You become more calm, aggression disappears. Meat is a product of murder (the cow does not kill itself and does not die of old age), accordingly this energy gets to our body.
  4. As in any way you reduce demand, accordingly, less animal products are produced. You directly affect the salvation of animals. The more people switch to a vegetable diet, the less animal products need to be produced. If you are a vegetarian, then most likely your children will also be aware. After all, many simply do not think about what is happening. They think that meat simply appears on the shelves of stores.
  5. From the point of view of biochemistry - these are harmful and uncharacteristic for human products (antigens). When they decay, toxins and other harmful substances are released. Plus we have a very long intestine, it is shorter in predators, therefore animal products remain in the intestine for a long time, releasing harmful substances.
  6. Many famous athletes become vegetarians, because it gives them more energy and strength. Increased stamina and speed. The body becomes purer and does not spend energy on digestion and utilization of heavy food.

Damage to vegetarianism

  1. If you just give up meat and dairy products, than you can not replace it, then naturally you will not get better. It is necessary to obtain a minimum amount of proteins , fats and carbohydrates from plant foods, vitamins, minerals, drink enough pure water, and engage in physical activity. Only then will vegetarianism benefit you. All the horror stories that relatives tell about essential amino acids - it's just fear and ignorance. Irreplaceable amino acids are contained in both meat and vegetable foods!
  2. People with weak psyche can not withstand the initial pressure from others to their new kind of food. At first it will be hard to hear unpleasant words from your relatives, because you understand that you are doing a good deed. But they also need to be understood, they wish you well, they are just so used to the thought "meat = power and energy" that any deviations cause discontent and criticism. Continue to calmly do what you do, around you are enough examples of famous vegetarians. Over time, everyone will get used to it and maybe also want to try vegetarianism.

Today we talked about the benefits and dangers of vegetarianism. Remember that vegetarianism is not a diet, but a way of life. Therefore, it is not suitable for everyone. Try to begin to reduce the amount of animal food and eat more vegetables and fruits. A sharp transition will cause stress in the body and you will break. And if you have decided, then go to the end!

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