why people eat meat

Why people eat meat

Very interesting question, which can not be answered unambiguously. But I have some thoughts on this matter and today I want to share them.

Most people just do not think why they do these or those things. We look around, everyone is eating meat and like no one dies, it means everything is in order, so it is necessary. But after all, smoking is exactly the same story. In the early 20th century cigarettes were considered useful, they were advertised by doctors, and smoking by women was a special fashion squeak. And now what? There is an active fight against smoking.

All harmful substances accumulate gradually, people do not fall from one puff, the body has to adapt. So it is with meat, and with other harmful products. The body becomes accustomed and begins to enjoy pleasure in supplements.

Why do people need meat

Why do people eat meat? Yes, because from childhood they are fed, because advertising on TV, doctors talk about essential amino acids, the grandmother says that without meat it is impossible, but annual shish kebabs, weddings, banquets, corporate parties, holidays. How to resist such propaganda and not eat meat, even thoughts do not arise. On the table and in the refrigerator, most people always have a meat product.

Now a few words about the historical point of view, supposedly we ate meat all my life, even when they looked like primates. Let's say why then a gorilla, with which 98% of us have the same DNA, eat mostly bananas. Because we are not predators ! We just used to consider ourselves omnivorous. Why do not the lion become omnivorous, very comfortable, do not hunt for days on end. But we are intelligent beings who have learned to enjoy every nonsense.

Perhaps there were tribes that hunted, because they needed to survive, possibly during the Ice Age had to survive. This is still there, there are even canibals. But does this mean that we tend to use animals? Since we are such adaptable beings, why do we need meat and milk? Irreplaceable amino acids are contained in plant foods, only it needs to be combined, for example in buckwheat contains almost a full set of amino acids, add a little lentils and you will get a complete set.

The level of human consciousness has grown tremendously in comparison with the primitive system, so compare with what was a million years ago is not correct. Again, there are still tribes that eat people. Think about it.

All human organs tell us that we are herbivores: a long intestine, saliva, teeth without fangs, fingers without claws, the composition of gastric juice, speed of movement (we can not keep up with the hare), weak hearing and smell compared to predators. What else is needed to prove why it is not natural for us to eat meat?

And at the expense of parents and grandmothers, remember at what time they were growing, meat and meat products were considered a delicacy, but it is still remembered. Although the main reason is still the holy faith in "no meat", especially a man. Therefore, with a strong counterargument when switching to vegetarianism , your excellent appearance and well-being should become.

Remember that the choice is yours, no one forces anyone. Want to eat, you want not. There are people who are balding from meat, cigarettes, booze, but this is their choice, their life. I made a choice for myself, and you?

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