Transition to veganism

The reasons for each have their own - someone very fond of animals, someone learned about the dangers of animal products. But in any case, switching to veganism is the right choice. Whatever one may say, veganism has some pluses - saving animals, improving ecology and health. Decreasing demand, supply decreases.

If you want to switch to veganism, but are afraid of something, then do it as gradually as possible. The body must adapt to new foods, and it is better that the transition is imperceptible.

First, exclude the meat of animals, then fish , then seafood. In this case, replace them with dishes from legumes. Use soy meat or tofu. From the legumes you get very tasty and satisfying cutlets, strongly reminiscent of meat cutlets. In many ways, the taste of meat and cutlets can be reconstituted with spices. Use spices for meat, fish, pilaf, shish kebab, only without glutomate sodium. Pilaf can be prepared with chickpeas or lentils. An excellent substitute for meat can be seitan - boiled dough from washed, white flour, which is cooked like meat - baked, fried, marinated.

The next stage of the transition to veganism is the exclusion of dairy products. Many vegetarians think that a cow is created to feed people, but cow's milk is created for a calf, like mother's milk for an infant. The composition of the milk is ground for a certain animal. Nobody in the animal world consumes the milk of another animal, but a person consumes milk all his life! This is a complete absurdity. In addition, information on how milk is produced, what cows are fed, in what conditions they are on the farm from us hide. And the milk that is sold in stores is a pasteurized dairy product diluted with water. All dairy products are made from milk, respectively, there is nothing good in them.

Look at the vegetarian films about meat and milk, and everything will become clear to you. Read the article about the damage of cow's milk . In advertising, there are satisfied cows grazing on a green meadow - this is an exception. Milk and dairy products of animals - are not our species nutrition!

Eggs are excluded on a par with meat, because - this is the future chicken. Fertilized or not, it does not matter. It's an animal product.

Thus, the transition to veganism occurs smoothly. You yourself adjust the speed of the transition, someone is ready to throw all the animal products at once, someone gradually. Be prepared that the old tastes will beckon you, here will help understanding why you want to become a vegan. You must have goals.

Remember, this is not a diet! It's a way of life. A conscious choice of each.

Today, being a vegan is pretty simple, because there are so many cafes around the world, there are a lot of shops where you can always buy beans, cereals, vegetables, fruits, nuts and dried fruits. Vegan shops are opened in large cities, meetings and exhibitions are held. This gives the impression that you are not alone, that not only do you care about what is going on in the world. This gives confidence in the transition.

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