Boiled Corn [Recipe]

In the shops and markets, there were fresh corn cobs, which means that you can diversify the menu with new tastes. Young corn is beautiful in its raw form, especially if it is sweet. In boiled it is softer and tastes slightly different, but it is also delicious.

Corn is considered a dietary product, it contains many useful substances, 100g contains 70g of carbohydrates, 10g of protein, 5g of fat. In this case, corn is quite a rich product, especially with oil.

How to Boil Corn

We need a large saucepan or two medium sized. Pour a little more than half the water and put it on the stove. We completely clean the corn from the green shell. If the pots are small, the corn should be cut into halves.

We put corn in boiling water, it is not necessary to salt, it is possible to salt already ready. Cook with the lid closed for 30-40 minutes. As a result, the corn should swell - then ready.

Corn is delicious on its own, so let it cool down a bit and start eating. If you want even more tasty and satisfying, oil corn with unrefined butter, salt, pepper and delicious, nutritious dinner is ready.


In off-season it is better to buy frozen corn or in vacuum packs. In iron jars, salt and sugar are added, plus - it's canned food. Also sometimes you can buy corn grits and cook porridge. Corn flakes are better to exclude, they mostly contain sugar and various additives. Fresh cob will always be better.


Corn excellently affects the gastrointestinal tract, removes toxins, it can be used for diabetes.

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