Meat and vegetarianism: the hidden truth

People stopped thinking about what they eat. Everything happens on the machine, and recipes are passed down from generation to generation. For example, dishes such as, Christmas duck, stuffed fish, meat in French have become commonplace. Pieces of chicken are bought, as different varieties of apples, and in fact these are parts of the animal's body. And the animal comes from the word "living." Each time buying something in the store you are acting on demand, and demand is known to generate supply.

No one thinks where the meat comes from, how it was received, what was before. What for? Tasty and good.

If you are interested in the theme of animals and vegetarianism, watch the film "Earthmen" and everything will fall into place. At least you will decide whether or not to consume meat products consciously. And now everyone thinks that animals graze on green grass, eat hay in the winter, good workers care about animals, and when the time comes the animals themselves turn into beautiful pieces of meat. I specially exaggerate to show the reverse side of livestock, hidden from the public. After all, in the store we see ready-made products in a beautiful package. But before the meat appears on the shelves of shops it passes through a chain of unpleasant events.

Today's livestock farming is the bottom of human common sense. Recently, the World Health Organization recognized meat as a harmful product. It is known that from the activity of animal husbandry the climate on the planet changes for the worse - towards global warming (because of large carbon emissions).

Animals have turned into prisoners who serve time in terrible conditions. For example, they are fed not a species for them food - soya with the addition of bone powder of relatives. Animals are sick, they are injected with antibiotics. To the cow gave more milk to her put hormones. They forcibly impregnate. They are forcibly taken away from children. Plus a constant stay in the pen. Total: total stress. And is it worth it for the taste of meat? Moreover, you can replace meat with soy products, spices and sauces.

Vegetarian products are full of sausages, sausages, meat substitutes and "meat" dishes. If you are afraid that you will not get enough protein or some magical substances that are "only in meat", then I want to please you, there is ALL the necessary food in plant food .

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