My transition to raw food diet: start and reasons

Hello! I'm finally ready to go on live food. There are many reasons for this. I'll write more about them later. In general, the transition to a healthy diet was gradually taking place. For about 6 years now, I have not eaten meat (and fish, too). And in March 2015, I gave up dairy products. Starting 100% of live food can be considered 6.11.15. I will write about my feelings after switching to raw food, what I ate and what changed.

Switch to live food

I will eat live food, but without fanaticism. At a party I will eat vegetable salads, fruits and take food with me. I also completely exclude the salt. If something goes wrong, I will not blame myself.

I live not alone, but with my family (wife and one-year-old child). The wife has reacted calmly and with understanding, therefore to her huge Thanks! She herself has recently become a vegan, son too. I'm not going to promote them. Everything has its time and everyone has their own lives.

I have a good reason to switch to raw diet - type 1 diabetes. I have already noticed improvements in vegan nutrition - the insulin dose was almost halved. This is already talking about something.

Reasons for switching to raw diet

  1. Type 1 diabetes
  2. Dandruff
  3. Periodic acne on the face
  4. I want to sleep less and get enough sleep
  5. Less to catch a cold or do not catch cold
  6. I want to be always energetic
  7. Prevention of other sores
  8. Pure Mind

I have not thought about longevity yet, but the quality of life interests me very much. Considering that we spend on average on food (going to stores, cooking, eating, eating, etc.) 5 years of life - this is alarming. After all, we eat to live, and not live to eat. Ate, got energy and went.

Now eat live food is not difficult - in stores there is all year round. And on live food do not need crazy recipes. Fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, sometimes nuts, if you want tasty food, then dried fruits, honey or other raw sweetener.

What's the most cool - there are raw cafes and a bunch of recipes for all the dishes that are familiar to us.

In fact, there are no restrictions, just do not fry, boil and bake.

As soon as raw food is available, I will continue to play sports - running in the mornings and horizontal bars. In the future I plan to go to the gym, but there is no time. With horizontal bars it's much easier, they are in every yard and you can study at any time, often I do it for lunch at work.

Now raw food is difficult to call a specific food, because all the classic dishes are replaced with dishes with raw foods - this is some next step on the food scale after veganism. There are cakes, salads, bread, biscuits, sweets, chocolate, ice cream, cheeses, milk, soups, there are ALL. It only prepares in a different way. The main thing in the kitchen is a blender, without it now no way.

And so convenient, fruits and vegetables are sold in any store, washed and eaten. And all the culinary excesses are for the first time.

What products do I refuse

  • Potato in all its forms (I do not like raw food)
  • Rice (did not try to germinate and I know that it's long, easier and more useful to grow buckwheat)
  • Coffee (recently pulling straight)
  • Alcohol (I almost do not drink alcohol, only once in 2 months with my parents and friends wine)
  • Tofu
  • Soy meat
  • All cereals that can not be germinated
  • Cutlets from legumes
  • Vegetable milk from the store
  • Pasta
  • All baking: home and shopping
  • Chocolate

But I do not perceive such food as a restriction - this is my health and well-being during the day and life.

A few words about B12

I have never before in my life tested for B12 (I'm 30 years old) and most likely it's low, because there were antibiotics, alcohol and stress. But as you understand, in these reasons there is no food. So in most people it is likely low. But this is my guess. As soon as I give the tests, I'll let you know.

In the next articles I will write what has changed, how I feel, what I ate, what with diabetes, etc.

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  1. An excellent site, as revered, I realized that veganism is a steeper omnivore hundreds of times. Life is brighter and more diverse, and most importantly there are no hidden tortures of animals, thanks to which most people eat.

    1. Thank you!!! Certainly steeper, and tasty dishes are much larger, and the little animals are intact, and health is in order)

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