My transition to raw food diet 2

After an unsuccessful attempt to switch to raw diet for the first time, I decided to do it in the second.

The first time I broke up a few days before the new year 2015 on a visit to relatives. And I was so much "carried", woke up wild desire is all harmful. I ate fish, mayonnaise salads, cakes, sweets, fried. Now I come to the conclusion that the transition should be as smooth as possible and there must be powerful goals - why you need this type of food. And every time come across temptations, be able to resist them, because in the early stages, do not pay attention to harmful food is not possible. Most of your life you eat in a certain way, and then in one day you want to change everything, in any way there will be a breakdown. But we are not looking for easy ways :)

I will not blame myself, if I fail, I will not forbid anything. Installation is this: I can eat anything I want, but why and what will it give me? That is, the transition process should be treated more simply and carefully.

It is very important not to get nervous and sleep. It is necessary to help the body as much as possible and adapt. Physical loads should be easy, enjoyable, walking, cycling, yoga, gymnastics, swimming are great.

The reasons for the transition, I wrote in the first article , this time they became even more, thus, even more confidence. I will write the results when enough time has passed, how many, I do not know for sure.

The most important reason for me is health. I look around and see how people get sick and think that it should be so, because everyone is sick. And they are treated with high-speed drugs, which are advertised on TV, without understanding the essence of the disease. I understand that the resource of the body is limited, but people are speeding up old age without even realizing it. Alcohol, cigarettes, stress, unseen food, health professions are the main reasons for the rapid wear and tear of the body, not to mention the pollution of the environment, in which, do you think, who is to blame? In our time it is extremely important to be aware and understand why you are doing this or that act.

The food from the means of saturation and getting energy turned into a drug with perverted ideas: to drink milk of another animal to old age, there is chemistry, to fry vegetables, to mix everything, not to think about what you eat. We dedicate whole food rituals. To make food out of food, it needs to be cleaned / cut, cooked / fried in oil, seasoned, added with sauce and the next day warmed up. I do not argue, the taste can be excellent, but is it worth it? We eat for the sake of taste and smell?

I want to be 100% healthy, energetic and happy. And this is unlikely to be achieved on the generally accepted diet and lifestyle. I will try and observe, I hope everything will turn out.

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