Dairy dependence

Milk plays a big role in our life. It contains almost all products. It is difficult for an average person to imagine life without milk. It is sold at every corner and is in every house. Dairy dependence has taken over the world.

Dependence on dairy products

Some dairy products cause physical dependence, because they contain opiates. Such products include cheese. It's literally a drug. Be sure to read the article How to get rid of food addiction .

In today's world, you can recreate and replace any taste, including milk. For example, coconut milk perfectly replaces the cow's milk.

By the way, every third lactose intolerance (milk sugar), so on the shelves you can find milk without lactose.

Despite the mass, milk dependence, milk for man is unnatural, because it was created by another animal for feeding a newborn. And the fact that many children grew up on milk mixes, nothing good, for them it can result in unforeseen consequences. Virtually all children consuming the mixture have colic. For more information, see The Harm of Cow Milk .

Most of the milk that can be found on the shelves is not milk - it's dairy products. Real milk is only from under the village cow. Together with yoghurts you use taste substitutes, additives and a large amount of sugar. And fruits with milk do not combine. Fruits need to be eaten separately. Otherwise, there will be problems with the intestines.

How to get rid of milk dependence

Dairy dependence is curable. Try the following tips:

  • Gradually eliminate milk from the diet, sudden actions can lead to a strong pullback.
  • Try recipes without milk. Such dishes as pancakes, pancakes, pies, cakes, ice cream, cereals, smoothies, can be cooked without milk and very tasty.
  • Try vegetable milk: coconut, almond, oatmeal, soybean, rice. You can cook by yourself.
  • Vegan cheeses are on sale, they are without milk.
  • Try tofu - cheese based on soybeans, eat with different flavors.
  • Try the nut cheeses. You can cook by yourself.

Leave milk to calves and kids, there is nothing irreplaceable in it. Calcium and protein are abundant in plant foods.

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