The cult of food

We live at a time when food from the means of saturation has become a way of life. We constantly talk about food, think, read about food, rest and work with food, eat on the go, eat at night, watch movies and read books for food. We developed food dependence .

The society created a real cult of food . Without food, there is not a single holiday or a pleasant event. Supermarkets are getting bigger. We have half a life going shopping, cooking, eating, washing dishes and sleeping. Spend a week's experiment and count how many hours you spent on food-related events. I think you will be surprised.

Do not make a cult out of food

Think about what food is and why it is needed. That's right, to get energy. And we want to take a nap after lunch, is this energy? In fact, we do not need so much food: first, second, tea, dessert, and so 3 times a day, plus snacks and beer with chips in front of the TV. Such standards were not always. Now the cult of food is everywhere. The percentage of obesity has increased many times, literally 50 years ago there were not so many fat and sick people.

And all because we are wrongly exploiting our bodies. We were put on food. Advertising is everywhere. Everyone eats. How can you not eat. And if you take alcohol, then the appetite becomes even greater. Food has turned into an unconscious process, something to throw into your mouth while watching a movie or reading a book has become the norm, and the amount does not count.

Due to the huge variety of food, its quality has greatly decreased. There was more chemistry, fat, flour, sugar and yeast. The quality of fruits and vegetables has also become worse. But at the same time we began to eat more. It was a vicious circle: food - doctors (medicine) - food. To be ill is considered the norm, again, because everyone is sick. And it turns out 90% of the diseases - due to malnutrition. That is, in most cases, you can cure yourself without visiting doctors and pills. All health problems because of the food cult.

No holiday can not do without a feast, and there are many holidays in our country. Can not you just sit down and talk without stuffing your stomach. This has become a habit.

Men for 40 with a belly and weight for 100 kg began to be called plump and solid, which means that the wife feeds well. Khudoba began to be perceived as a disease, although it is natural for a person to be skinny. I mean "normal" thinness without stomach, excess fat and second chin. By the way, you can hide your excess leanness with muscles, so exercise regularly.

Eliminate the cult of food does not work at all, the only way is to consciously treat what you put in your mouth. A person is not a garbage processing factory. We have a shelf life, and food directly affects its duration.

How to stop making a cult out of food

  1. Start reading labels in the store to buy healthier food
  2. Read books and watch videos about species nutrition and longevity
  3. Ask yourself: why do I eat, eat, eat, or do I want to be ill, I eat, because everyone eats?
  4. Count how much time you spend on food-related events
  5. Look for your favorite activities to replace the usual "eating"
  6. Do not refuse a feast, bring your own food or eat until
  7. Set goals, you must have personal reasons for refusing harmful food.

Uncontrolled and unconscious eating consumes the body. Food from the means of obtaining energy was turned into a cult. But follow it or not, it's yours! Be Healthy!

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