How to live in any city without meat, milk, eggs and fast food

Most people live by their habits, not paying attention to cause-effect relationships. Here and now it's good, but tomorrow we'll see. If he fell ill, then he went to the doctor, received a prescription and drank tablets. Or I just went to the pharmacy and after consulting with the pharmacist I bought medicines, without thinking what or why. Also with food, we buy and eat, what we see around or what advertising advises. If most live like this, then it's normal. Paradox.

In our time, you can get everything you want, any product. It is enough to go online and place an order.

If we talk about tempo-rhythm, when once it was fully eaten and fast food became the norm, it's worth stopping and thinking, but do I want to live and eat this way? Any snack can be taken with you - it can be fruit, smoothies or vegan sandwiches. Smoothies can be made very satisfying and replace the lunch. To do this, prepare 1 liter of smoothies from bananas and sprouted buckwheat. You will get a powerful charge of vivacity, vitamins and a feeling of satiety for a long time, because buckwheat is a slow carbohydrate.

Fruits and vegetables are sold all year round in every store, a couple, three bananas and you are full, so the question of snacks can be closed, all conditions for this are created in any city.

As for a full-fledged dinner, you will either have to eat garnishes and vegetable salads, if we talk about cafes and canteens, or take a container with food.

Home food is still better, you yourself control what and how much to put. Buy a thermos container so that the food does not cool down. All raw food does not require heating, it's very convenient. You can take a fruit and a large container with a salad. Fruits will vary depending on the season, which creates diversity in the diet.

Eating shawarma, hot dogs, hamburgers and pizza for lunch or snack will not bring anything good, after such a lot of heavy food you will want to sleep. And the quality of such food leaves much to be desired.

No matter how busy the schedule, you could not take fruit with you, or you can not buy them on the road. And to prepare a dinner in advance and put it in a container is also easy. Especially now a wide variety of containers for every taste and color, do not be ashamed to get anywhere and eat.

If you are not comfortable with your colleagues to get a container, then 30 minutes before lunch, eat more fruit, they will have time to fully digest, will satiate you and you can go to a cafe or a canteen, and eat a side dish, a salad or just have a cup of tea.

Unfortunately in the cafe even in garnish can add butter. You can ask the waiter not to add, referring to the allergy to dairy products. In general, there is always a way out.

Try to have a good breakfast , plenty of snacks with fruits and then worry about hunger and even more so, where you do not have to eat.

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