how to become a vegetarian

How to become a vegetarian

You decided to try a vegetarian diet for some reason. This is very commendable! You will benefit your health and take part in the process of saving animals by reducing demand. Now let's figure out where to start, and how to actually become a vegetarian .

How to switch to vegetarianism

  1. That there were no failures, internal prohibitions, feelings of guilt, stress, the transition should be carried out as smoothly as possible. That is, day by day you need to make small steps. In the first week you take 1 piece of sausage from a sandwich and put in its place, for example a piece of cucumber. In the second week, instead of eating 2 cutlets you eat one and more, put the garnish. On the 3rd week you clean the second piece of sausage from a sandwich and completely replace the sausage, for example tofu (soy cheese). At the 4th week you replace meat cutlets with beans (lentils, chickpeas, peas, soybeans). And so on, until the meat products completely disappear from the diet. All options can be changed as you want. You can immediately replace meat cutlets with legumes or vegetable. Or sausage to replace tofu. Stake - replace with fish , and later with soy meat.
  2. Also gradually, but first remove the pork from the ration, then the beef, then the chicken, then the fish, then the seafood, then the milk and dairy products. If you are not comfortable without any product, take and eat without a twinge of conscience. A sharp transition can turn into a similarly sharp pullback. So do not rush. Try not just to exclude, but to replace. Eat more vegetables and fruits. To reduce the feeling of hunger, 10 minutes before eating, drink a glass of water. Try new recipes, many meat dishes are tasty due to the abundance of seasonings. Buy in the store seasonings for meat, chicken and fish (these are all mixtures of herbs), add them to vegetable dishes. For example, the taste of pilaf is achieved mainly due to the seasoning for pilaf, instead of meat, you can add beans or chickpeas. And the taste of fish is replaced with fried tofu, wrapped in dried seaweed with seasoning for fish. Steak can be replaced with soy meat, adding seasoning for meat. Shish kebab can be made vegetable, mushroom or soy. So you do not refuse anything, but just replace not useful useful and the transition to vegetarianism becomes smooth and painless.

You do not have to deny yourself something, you need to enjoy vegetarian food. Learn how to cook delicious dishes. Try new combinations. Go to a vegetarian cafe. You should see that the vegetable recipes are great. And that in fact, before that, you were eating quite monotonously. You did not even attach importance to this, because the conveyor of harmful food surrounded us from all sides and creates the illusion of choice.

"What is best to eat from the harmful" - this is the choice today. Belyash or Shawarma, chicken or beef, yogurt or kefir, pasta or dumplings ... And so every day. But food is the closest contact with the environment and you are not a waste recycling machine. The food is needed to give energy, and not as now, to take away. I ate and I want to sleep ...

Well, most importantly, you have to understand why you need vegetarianism, then the question of how to become a vegetarian will not stand. Definitely - this is a positive experience, confirmed by many famous athletes and doctors. And more people are becoming vegetarians, is not it just that?

Becoming a vegetarian means making an informed choice on the path to better health and peace in general. You decide!

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