How to crack coconut at home

You decided to taste the natural, coconut and do not know how to approach it. Today, I'll tell you a couple of ways how to crack coconut at home quickly and without problems.

How to open a coconut at home

Before a coconut is split, it needs to be drunk, and for this to open. It will take a normal spin. how to split coconut

We twist it into one of the dark, round spots of the coconut, until you feel that you have pierced it. Then twist the corkscrew in the opposite direction, a little swinging to get a hole. Look, if there is a hole, if not, then repeat the steps again. As soon as a hole appears in the coconut, you can drink it.


To the note , if you heard a hiss when you screw the corkscrew, most likely the coconut has already deteriorated and you should not use it, he wandered.

You can drink coconut in two ways:

  1. Pour into a glass
  2. Drink through a straw

open the coconut

The second option I like more and I do not need to wash the glass. The juice of ripe coconut should be a sweet taste, the sweeter, the more mature the fruit. After drinking the juice, the coconut can be split.

2 ways to crack coconut

  1. The first method requires any hammer. We take a coconut in one hand and into another hammer and start tapping the coconut from all sides. Somewhere in a minute, strengthen the blows a little. Knock until you see a crack and the coconut does not split in half. Now take the steel knife and gently remove the pulp of the coconut. It should easily move away (we used to tap a coconut for this). Rinse the pulp of coconut and you can immediately eat it, make desserts or coconut milk.
  2. The second method is simpler and faster. It will take any heavy object, a dumbbell, a hammer, a kitchen hammer, a wrench, a stone, etc. are suitable. Coconut is put in 2 bags so as not to get dirty, and several times we beat on coconut with all the force until it opens. Large parts are better divided into small parts. Be sure to put a cloth under the coconut or do it on the carpet. Now remove from the package a piece of coconut, where the pulp has not moved away itself and using a steel knife, remove it. Rinse thoroughly. Done! The second method takes less time and in my opinion, is easier: hit a couple of times and the coconut is opened, and often the flesh itself is separated from the nut.


Now you know 2 ways how to crack coconut at home. Try these methods, choose what you like more and enjoy the natural coconut pulp. Bon Appetit!

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