How to germinate green buckwheat

How to germinate green buckwheat for 1 day

Green buckwheat is a very valuable product, it contains all essential amino acids, it is not processed with chemistry and does not produce GMOs.

I'll tell you how to grow green buckwheat at home without special dishes for 1 day. You need 2 plates, or instead of a second plate, gauze. First, we fall asleep with buckwheat in a cup and fill it with water so that there is a layer of water over the buckwheat.


We leave it until the buckwheat swells. Usually enough 5 hours, or you can leave for the night.
Next buckwheat pour into a colander and rinse with mucus.

Now rinsed buckwheat poured into a plate, evenly spread out and cover the top with a wet gauze, or a wet plate and remove the warm, dark place.


Approximately in 6 hours there will be first sprouts, means, it is possible to eat buckwheat. This buckwheat is the most valuable, because it disappeared inhibitors that protect the grain and all useful substances are in active form for further growth.


It's okay if the sprouts grow longer, just less useful substances.

To prolong the shelf life, sprouted buckwheat can be stored in the refrigerator, periodically washing it.

As a result, germinating green buckwheat is simple and the whole process takes an average of 1 day. You can soak up the buckwheat in the evening, and the next day for dinner you will already have sprouts.

Of the sprouted buckwheat, you can cook a variety of delicious dishes, for example, I often grind it in a blender with a banana, adding a little cinnamon. In its pure form, buckwheat is not very tasty, and a banana gives sweetness and a note of its taste.


More seedlings can be added to the salad, make sauce, rolls, smoothies.


It turns out until 1960, only green buckwheat was sold in stores. Khrushchev spied on the heat treatment process in America and since then buckwheat has been sold in brown color. So it is stored longer and is not affected by insects. But it loses most of the useful properties.

Due to the fact that the demand for green buckwheat has decreased, its price has increased. Green buckwheat has become a special product. But demand creates supply, so go as far as possible from the classic buckwheat to green!

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