How to cook coconut chips

Of course, coconut shaving can be bought at the store, but it's much better to cook coconut shavings at home. So you will know for sure what coconut is made from.

For the preparation we need: coconut, corkscrew, a cocktail tube, a hammer, a tight bag, gauze, a blender, plates and a container for coconut milk .

For drying: oven or hot battery, or bright sun.

First you need to open the coconut and drink coconut water. Take the corkscrew and screw it into the dark spot of the coconut, and then unscrew it in the opposite direction, you should get a hole. We put a pipe in it and drink coconut water.

Now you need to split the coconut . For this, we need a hammer and a bag (so as not to get dirty). Do it better on the carpet, so as not to scratch the floor. We put the coconut in a bag and beat the hammer several times, until it breaks. We divide the large particles into small particles. If you have worked properly with a hammer, the pulp will depart from the shell. And that which has not departed, pull out with the help of a knife or other sharp object.

Rinse the coconut pulp and put into a blender. If the blender is weak, cut into small pieces. Fill with water, so that the flesh was covered completely. We refine as much as possible. In the process, we get coconut milk. Now it remains to filter the flesh through the cheesecloth and dry it. Milk pour into a glass container with a lid and put into the refrigerator.

Place coconut chips on a tray or a plate. If dried in the oven, then at a temperature of not more than 40 degrees with the door ajar, until the shavings are dry. Either place the dish on the battery. If sunny weather, then in the sun and dry until cooked, until the shavings lose all moisture. Store coconut chips better in a closed container at room temperature.

coconut chips

Voila, from one coconut you get coconut water, coconut milk, if the coconut is very ripe, then a little coconut oil and coconut shavings. It turns out very profitable, natural, tasty and useful. Bon Appetit!

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