How to mix products

Whatever type of food you do not adhere to, eat everything in a row just is not worth it. Every product has its own time of assimilation. Many people think that we are a factory for processing everything and everything, and that you can mix products as you like.

Why mix food

The body has a function of self-preservation. And all that, he does not have time to digest, postpones in the form of fat and toxins. Before mixing food, you need to know the consequences and what products are combined. With improper mixing of food, the body is difficult to digest, and therefore to digest food. Ideally, it is better to eat everything separately, then the efficiency of products will be almost 100%. It is more useful to eat a salad of 3 ingredients than from 10. It is better to eat porridge on water without sugar, nuts and dried fruits. Cutlets, cheese cakes, pies, pizza, cakes, cakes, sweets - these are very complex combinations of products . If you sort out pieces of cutlets, it turns out that all products are separate meals.

To achieve good results in digestion, you need to simplify everything.

What products can not be mixed

  • Fruit Separately
  • Sour fruits apart from sweet fruits
  • Nuts separately
  • Sugar with fats
  • Milk separately
  • Meat with cereals, pasta and potatoes

What kind of food can be mixed

  • Starches with starches (potatoes with beans, pasta with lentils)
  • Animal proteins with animal proteins
  • Greenery is combined with all products
  • Most vegetables are combined, but it is better not to mix much
  • Sweet to eat separately

Mishmash to which we are accustomed to a healthy diet has nothing to do. The first, second, dessert with tea - this is complete chaos. Food, do not drink in general, so as not to dilute the gastric juice. Modern food is a habit to fill the stomach, so most people will stretch it. To feel healthy, energetic and happy, so much food is not needed. And in old age even more so.

Many products to which we are accustomed, initially consist of the wrong combinations: pelmeni, ice cream, curd casserole, cake, many soups, cereal with milk, cookies, fast food. The most insidious is the smell, especially the baking. And even when you realize that it is harmful, it is not possible to resist. Therefore, it is very important to understand what you eat right for.

How to reduce the negative impact of improper mixing of food

  1. In heavy combinations, add spices
  2. After 5 hours after eating, drink a chamomile broth
  3. Before eating, eat greens or a salad of greens
  4. Do not drink food
  5. Do after eating 30 sit-ups
  6. If you eat a lot of meat, add fresh garlic or onions
  7. The next day, move more
  8. Next morning, try not to have breakfast and drink more water during the day

Try to revise the classic combination of products, maybe it's worth abandoning the most harmful. Try to replace complex combinations with simple ones, eat one dish at a time, take tea with dessert at the end of the meal, cook at home and take it with you, using a container for eating.

Food becomes a part of us, think, what do you want to become?

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” 4 thoughts on " How to mix products correctly "

  1. "8. Do not eat breakfast the next morning"
    A little is not true
    Breakfast is the most important part of the day, and breakfast is best not to miss.

    1. "Breakfast - the most important part of the day" - a learned phrase) Early in the morning, you do not really want to eat, fruits will be enough.

    2. Clean Scoop. Parents go to work to 9. Children at school to eight. The first snack in children will be 10 hours. They got up at 6-7. Naturally, they will be hungry. Therefore, it is necessary to have a half-asleep child (and his stomach does not wake up at all) to pop a maximum of the pups. The more calories the better. In adults - the same thing: most after breakfast, the house is eaten only at lunch or snacking something at 10-11. Brad delirium.

      1. If you do not want to eat in the morning, you can not eat. If you want to eat and time at the end, an excellent breakfast will be porridge - will satiate for a long time, tk. slow carbohydrates. And put in a bag or a backpack of apples, bananas and nuts, it will not work.

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