How to get rid of overeating

How to get rid of overeating

An age-old problem of all people, which does not give many peace - is overeating. Food haunts us everywhere, wherever you look - advertising food, someone, something chews, constant talk about food. And to understand how to get rid of overeating , you need to find the cause and remove it.

The main causes of overeating

  • Boredom, laziness, nothing to do
  • For the company, because everyone eats
  • Meals with TV, telephone, tablet, for conversation
  • Not enough emotions, food fills in the blanks

And now let's talk how to get rid of overeating, using all possible ways.

  1. Do not eat in front of the TV, in the cinema, with a mobile phone. Try to eat in a relaxed atmosphere, focusing on the taste of food. The fact is that we do not notice how much we ate for viewing, plus dependence is formed, eat and watch - as one whole pleasure. But just in a couple of days, the dependence subsides and you can eat, focusing only on food.
  2. Slowly chew the food. The better you chew, the better the food will be absorbed, so the feeling of satiety will come sooner.
  3. Exclude from the diet salt, sugar, spices, vinegar, flavor enhancers. They provoke to eat more, thus the stomach stretches and you eat more constantly.
  4. If you eat from boredom and your meal lasts a long time, it's time to find a hobby. Go in for sports. Learn something new. Set a goal and move to it every day. You must replace thoughts about food, a new occupation. Try until you find something that you like. This will save you from overeating.
  5. Try to get a hold of it. Start with daily starvation on the water. You will immediately have a lot of extra time, you will understand how much time it took to cook and eat food. Plus, the size of the stomach will decrease and the previous amount of food will not fit.
  6. Be sure to start a mobile sport. Sports loads reduce appetite. During sports I do not feel like eating. Try instead of dinner to go for a run or work out on the simulators.

The body does not need much, the more the nutritional load, the faster the wear and tear in the form of premature aging. Overeating is a psychological dependence, satisfaction of the desires of the brain and the stretched stomach. The function of food is to provide a person with energy. Overeating, you load yourself above the norm, the body can not cope with such a quantity of food and lays it all over, mainly in subcutaneous fat.

To get rid of overeating, you need to understand why you are doing this, what it brings to you at the moment and what result awaits you.

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