Artificial food

In today's world, food has become too important. Consumption of food has turned into leisure and entertainment. In this there is nothing wrong, since we are able to enjoy the food. But norms and rules should be observed if you want to be vigorous and maintain health, especially since artificial food began to predominate over natural.

Synthetic Food

Artificial food in terms of economic benefits has many advantages, so it is in large quantities on store shelves. It does not deteriorate for years, it causes dependence, smells delicious, tasteful, automated and inexpensive production, you can create any taste, eliminate the feeling of hunger. For buyers, too, there is a benefit: low cost, tasty, you can buy everywhere. Not food, but a fairy tale. But the topic of health costs completely the party. So the choice is yours.

Tempo rhythm of the big city dictates its rules and there is almost no time to eat, it is necessary to throw something horrible. Artificial food in this excellent assistant. Chocolate bar, soda, hamburger, chips are remarkably saturated, delicious and are inexpensive. You can chew on the go or while driving. Very comfortably. It seems to be some pluses. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, behind which the future health problems are hidden.

And some products seem to be natural, they include fast food, but this is a semi-finished product, which means that there is nothing natural there. Take for example a hamburger, like bread, a cutlet, some vegetables and a sauce. But let's look deeper, which consists of bread, cutlet, sauce, what vegetables, how much they are already stored, where it is cooked and which oil. It seems like a meticulousness, but you put such food in yourself, and from this new cells will be created.

Now let's talk about the main substances used in artificial food.

Amplifiers of taste

The most famous taste enhancer is sodium glutamate E621, which can be found everywhere. In small doses does not have harmful effects. Its insidious action consists in the appearance of dependence on products, along with sugar and salt.


There are natural, there are artificial. Identical natural flavors are obtained chemically, so they can hardly be called natural. Add flavor and taste to the product. Essential oils are natural flavors.

Substitutes for taste

The molecules of taste of a certain product are collected chemically and used as additives. Sweeteners also include sweeteners.


There are natural, there are artificial colors. To natural can be classified as beet or coal color. Artificial dyes are pure chemistry, although they are called food grade.


These are substances that extend the shelf life of the product. To the natural can include salt, honey, smoke, alcohol, vinegar, smoke, seasoning. Artificial preservatives are not fully understood, in small quantities are not dangerous, but it is better to avoid them.


They are used as a substitute for butter. It consists of various modified vegetable oils and animal fats with the addition of salt, sugar, emulsifiers and flavors. Mostly it consists of trans fats. A dangerous product that is difficult to call natural.

Substitute of milk fat

It consists of vegetable oils, mainly from palm oil. It looks like margarine, but does not contain trans fats. Increases the expiration date and reduces the price of the product. Until the end is not studied, but is used everywhere.


Density, viscosity and homogeneity of the product are given. In most cases, synthetic emulsifiers are used.

Of these substances is mainly composed of synthetic food, adding flour or potato starch can get a wonderful lunch or dinner.

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