Vegan cookies [recipe]

vegan biscuits

Sometimes you want something for tea or just crunch after watching a libel series or a movie. And most of the food from the shops is stuffed with chemistry. Therefore, I'll tell you today how to prepare a simple, tasty and useful vegan cookie without flavoring and coloring. Read more «Vegan cookies [recipe]»

Vegan Shawarma [recipe]

vegan shaurma

Sometimes there is no time or just too lazy to prepare complex dishes, and fast food is not very useful. Shaurma can come to the aid, and in our case vegan shawarma . Read more «Vegan Shaurma [recipe]»

Vegan pancakes [recipe]

vegan pancakes

On vegan food, you can easily cook almost all the dishes of traditional cuisine. The animal products are quietly replaced by vegetable products. Today I will tell you how to prepare vegan pancakes . We will do this without eggs, milk and yeast. Yes, it's possible and it's delicious. Read more «Vegan pancakes [recipe]»

Principles of human health

principles of human health

In our time, it is especially important to monitor health, because the world has changed and become more automated th and technical. But the principles of human health remained the same, despite the deterioration of the external and internal environment. Read more "Principles of human health"

Raw meat cutlets [recipe]

raw bacon

The recipe for these cutlets arose accidentally when I was preparing juice from carrots and cabbage. After them remained cake and throw it was a pity, so there were raw-meat cutlets . Read more «Raw meat cutlets [recipe]»

What do raw food eaters eat?

what do raw food eat

Many are perplexed, as one can constantly eat raw food, because it is not tasty. But the main factor of misunderstanding is the lack of information and the fear that there will be no previous tastes. In fact, almost all tastes can be recreated and live food. Let's analyze in detail what the raw food is eating , or rather what products. Read more "What do raw food eat?"

How to eat fruits correctly

People are used to perceive fruits as a dessert, but in no way the main food. Many do not even think that you can have breakfast not with porridge or eggs, but with fruit. For the majority it is a pleasant addition to the main meal. But beyond that, many do not even know how to eat fruits properly . After all, there are certain rules that you need to follow in order to feel fine. Read more "How to eat fruits"

A simple raw snack

Baked Pumpkin in the oven [2 recipes with photos]

Pumpkin is a hearty and delicious treat. From a pumpkin you can cook a dessert, a side dish or an independent dish. It is very nutritious, due to starch. If the variety is unsweetened, you can replace the pumpkin with potatoes. The baked pumpkin in the oven is the simplest recipe and I'll tell you about it today. Read more «Baked Pumpkin in the oven [2 recipes with photos]»

International Vegan Day - November 1