Homemade banana ice cream: recipe

To prepare a delicious, banana ice cream, you do not need much. This is the simplest and at the same time delicious dessert. Surprisingly, it is absolutely raw, but with a creamy taste. Today you will discover the simplest recipe for banana ice cream, which you can eat at any time of the year.

How to cook banana ice cream at home

We will need: a freezer, 3 bananas, a deep plate, a submersible blender. You can add natural vanilla, cinnamon or kerob. If you love the mess, then honey or natural syrup. Love more, add lemon or lime juice. If you want to make ice cream fatter, add coconut cream.

Bananas cut into small pieces, put in a deep plate and put into the freezer for 3 hours.

banana ice cream

After a while, remove the bananas from the freezer and leave them for 10 minutes, so that they slightly thawed, then whisk the blender until smooth. You should get a very thick, banana mass of white color. Now you can experiment. Add vanilla, cinnamon, carob, sweetener, coconut cream to taste and whip the whole mass again. Banana ice cream is ready!

banana ice cream at home

You can eat it straight from the same plate, but you can put it in glass glasses, sprinkle with cinnamon or carob, top it with berry jam (mix berries in a blender) and decorate with a sprig of mint. Very tasty and useful!

None of the acquaintances will guess what you have prepared ice cream, but all genius is simple. An interesting fact is that the frozen bananas, whipped with a blender, acquire a creamy taste and white color. This ice cream is difficult to distinguish from dairy. Therefore, it is used as a basis for vegan, raw-meat ice cream with other flavors. Add here your favorite berries and ice cream will get their taste.

Love chocolate, add cocoa, berry - berries, nut - crushed nuts or nut butter. If desired, you can even make an ice cream or an ice cream cake. And all this thanks to frozen bananas! A little tip: always keep bananas in the freezer, and then you never know what :)

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  1. There is no creamy taste in sight. )) Apparently, you forgot it. The product is absolutely recognizable even with vanillin. But, nevertheless, a good and useful find for desserts. With frozen strawberries - even tastier.

    1. It all depends on the ripeness of the bananas. If you want straight creamy, you can add coconut oil. I like it more with a cherry)

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