Children and Vegetarianism

Many are frightened by the fact that children will not grow up without meat, where they can get protein. And after all, children are originally born vegetarians, their first earthly food is mother's milk, it remains the main source of food for almost a year. Children and vegetarianism are a perfectly healthy and adequate union.

When the first teeth appear and the child begins to show interest in food, you can enter the lure: vegetables and fruits. Even beans are not recommended, because they are hard to digest, what can we say about meat.

With age, portions of food increase and breast milk ceases to be the main food, but plays a big role. With breast milk, antibodies, vitamins and nutrients get to the baby. Breast milk is the best remedy for any ailment. Breast milk can be
feed the child at least up to 5 years, of course, it will already be rare feeding. Meat to a child is not worth giving up to 7 years, the body simply can not cope with such a heavy product. Gastric juice does not yet have sufficient acidity and meat will poison the child's body. And then you decide whether to feed your child with meat or not.

Why feed a child with meat?

The whole point disappears when you find out that the plants contain all the essential amino acids, nutrients and fiber, which is not in the meat. When they say that the plants do not contain the whole set of amino acids, it means in one plant product, but if you combine them, you will get all the amino acids. You most likely will not eat one buckwheat, you will want to add something to it, for example lentils and thus you will get a full meal. There are a great variety of combinations, in the vegetable world there is a variety. The child will receive everything necessary, and the rest will get from breast milk.

About vitamin B12, which, incidentally, most of the meat eaters do not even know, it is produced by bacteria in the large intestine, and is also present on the surface of unwashed vegetables, fruits and herbs grown in nature, without chemicals. If you are frightened, where the child will receive it, take periodic tests and watch for the well-being of the child, if he is alert, energetic and feels great, then do not worry. If the indicators are greatly underestimated, then B12 can be bought at the pharmacy in the form of injections, spray and tablets. Faster and more effective will be injected. It is enough to pass a one-month course on taking a vitamin and enough for about 3 years (all individually). B12 has the property of accumulating in the body.

Another B12 is found in raw yolk and dairy products, about the harm of milk, be sure to read the article Harm of cow's milk . But eggs and dairy products in this case, buy a village or farm. Store eggs raw is dangerous! Also, B12 is added to vegetable milk and some vegan products, so carefully read the composition.

If the issues of essential amino acids and vitamin B12 are solved, then why eat meat? Read the article Than harmful meat for a person . In the meat there is no fiber, it carries bad energy, contains cadaveric poison, is heavily digested, in large quantities it poisons the body. There is simply no sense in meat products, especially for children! The child will be less sick or not at all, he will be more energetic, more cheerful and cheerful.

Children can be absolutely calm with vegetarians and vegans from birth. 1 time competently make a menu for the child, determine your favorite foods and cook different dishes from them. Sometimes it is not necessary to invent anything, it is enough to eat fruit or vegetables, and the child is full and satisfied.

Children and vegetarianism are absolutely compatible things, many are afraid that the child will not grow or grow underdeveloped - these are all horror stories. Make a competently ration, allow the child to move more (to strengthen bones and cardiovascular system), walk on the air, take sun baths, do not forget about clean water and then your child will be the most healthy and happy!

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