What eats vegans

What eats vegans

Those who hear the word "vegetarian", and even more so "vegan" think that this food is one grass. It's all about ignorance and little awareness of this way of life. In fact, the diet of vegans is much wider and more useful than the traditional type of food. But what exactly eat vegans , let's understand.

What is a vegan

All people need proteins, fats, carbohydrates, as well as water, vitamins, micro and macro elements. Why does everyone cling to meat and dairy products? Because it contains essential amino acids, and in milk there is a lot of calcium for bones. Rather rude information. About milk, be sure to read the article Than replace milk .

Irreplaceable amino acids are those that the body does not produce. To the note: some of the amino acids are produced by the body itself, the rest needs to be taken from food. The main myth is that in plant products not the whole range of essential amino acids. That's right, if you take a separate product. But if you combine, you get a complete set. For example, in buckwheat contains almost all the amino acids, adding beans or greens, we get a complete set. Excellent combination will be cereals with legumes and lots of greens.

What to cook for a vegan

I will describe only a few basic dishes that our family uses:

  • Pilaf. There are several interpretations: rice + beans, rice + chickpeas, bulgur + beans, bulgur + chickpeas. Suitable lentils and mung beans. By the way, beans are of different types. Instead of beans, soy meat or tofu is suitable. Be sure to add onions, garlic, carrots and seasoning for pilaf or curry.
  • Buckwheat with beans. The same thing as pilaf, only used buckwheat and you can add other seasonings.
  • Potatoes (boiled, mashed, fried, stewed, baked) with legumes and favorite seasonings.
  • Talking about breakfast, read the same article vegan breakfast .
  • Vegan rolls. Prepared as classical rolls, only tofu, avocado, mushrooms, Chukka algae, sesame, tomato, cucumber, red pepper are used instead of fish, and lean mayonnaise instead of cream cheese.
  • Baking without eggs of milk: pies, patties, pancakes, fritters, bread, biscuits.
  • Vegetable salads with a lot of greenery and unrefined oil in which you can add tofu, legumes, soy meat.
  • Cutlets from legumes or vegetables (carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, beets).
  • Homemade vareniki from whole wheat flour with potatoes, mushrooms or vegetables.
  • Whole grains of pasta

I have listed the main dishes that we often use. In this list there are fruits, sometimes nuts and seeds. Periodically we buy cookies, wafers, chocolate without eggs, milk and a minimum of chemistry.

I often eat sprouted buckwheat for lunch, take it to work in a container of vegetables, adding spices and unrefined mustard oil. In the morning, usually eat fruit or a green cocktail, and in the evening a vegetable salad and some dish from the above.

Now you imagine that eating vegans. In fact, if you look at the culinary sites and go to the vegan cafe dishes will be much more! Damage in vegan food is absolutely not, on the contrary when you become a vegetarian , a new, diverse and rich culinary world opens up. And you, it remains only to try.

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