what do raw food eat

What do raw food eaters eat?

Many are perplexed, as one can constantly eat raw food, because it is not tasty. But the main factor of misunderstanding is the lack of information and the fear that there will be no previous tastes. In fact, almost all tastes can be recreated and live food. Let's analyze in detail what the raw food is eating , or rather what products.

What to eat raw food

  1. Seasonal fruits. In the transition period, you can eat fruits in unlimited quantities, especially sweet tooth, just do not forget to rinse your mouth after eating, especially after acidic fruits, so that the acids do not eat up the enamel. Only one fruit is a huge variety, each season there is something new.
  2. Berries, especially in summer, because fresh. In winter you can buy frozen or frost from summer.
  3. Dried fruits, especially self-cooked. Dried fruits bought in the market or in the store should be soaked for a couple of hours to make all the dirt come out of them. Excellent replacement for sweets.
  4. Vegetables. Also a huge choice. You can make all kinds of salads, for example, raw olive or raw snacks , as well as soups, cutlets, side dishes or eat whole.
  5. Greenery. Combines with all products, contains a full set of amino acids. It is most effective to make green cocktails out of it. The plant also refers to greenery and raw food eat it with pleasure. Try to eat greens regularly.
  6. Sea kale. A great alternative to fish. If you miss the taste of fish, add dried seaweed, like wakame, to the salad and taste the sea.
  7. Oils, preferably waxy or the first cold pressed, in the extreme case unrefined. Oil is also a large amount: sunflower, olive, linseed, sesame, soybean, hemp, pumpkin, mustard, avocado, etc. Add a zest to any salad and saturate the body with useful fats.
  8. Nuts are a source of protein and fats. Perfectly saturate, especially good to use in the transition. For better digestion, you need to soak overnight in clean water. You can make sauces with the addition of herbs and spices.
  9. Seeds - according to nutrition, on an equal basis with nuts. The most common are pumpkin and sunflower. I will bring here seeds of sesame, poppy, flax, milk thistle, amaranth, chia. It is necessary to soak and prepare sauces, for example raw soy mayonnaise.
  10. Sprouts. Legumes - mung beans, lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas, peas. Cereals - green buckwheat , wheat, oats, rye, corn, rice. Seeds and seeds also perfectly germinate.
  11. Products of beekeeping. Some of the raw food eaters, some do not. But the products are natural, useful and in the transitional stage someone will help.

Of all the above products, you can prepare a huge number of dishes, which is very important when switching to raw food. Now you know that eating raw food and stereotypes, that - this is a tough diet or strong restrictions, I hope a little scattered.

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