What will happen if you do not eat meat

It is difficult to imagine any meal without a piece of meat, be sure to lie at least cooked sausage. Meat dishes have become a standard of prosperity, although such have long been not. And if you are worried what will happen if you do not eat meat , then read this article to the end.

To begin with, a person is a fruit-eating creature, so it turned out biologically, and the fact that we became omnivores is only our "merit". Read on this topic article The man - a predator or a herbivore ? Therefore, it is simply unnatural for us to eat animal products. And the fact that the peoples of the Far North feed exclusively on meat (venison), they simply survive, and live at the same time for about 30 years, look so-so and their level of development has gone far. If you want the same, please!

When you stop eating meat, you will become easier in all plans. The head will become clearer, it may lose weight (unless there are kilograms of pasta, rice and sweets), stomach problems, blood pressure will decrease, there will be progress in the treatment of chronic diseases and many other things individually.

Speaking of meat, I mean all the products made from meat, including fish. Especially harmful are sausages because of the abundance of chemicals (flavors, dyes, preservatives), sugar and salt.

Harm meat

Meat in the human stomach is not fully digested, the acidity of the stomach does not allow. And as you know, if you put meat on the table and leave it at room temperature it will start to rot and smell unpleasant. And we have a body temperature of 36.6 degrees, i.e. the process will go even faster. And all this putrid mass will partially fall into the blood and spread all over the body, partially remain in the intestines and something will go to the toilet. Therefore, if you constantly eat meat, these processes will occur constantly, reducing the amount of life of the body.

The body is not a fool, he wants to live, so he stores the undigested remains where possible only in the form of fat and any deposits. In addition, meat is an antigen - a foreign substance that causes cancer. By removing meat from the diet, you reduce the risk of unpleasant diseases in the future.

By the way, recently the World Health Organization introduced meat into the list of harmful products on a par with cigarettes and alcohol. So boldly stop eating meat and you will get only positive changes. And for the transition to be smooth, read the articles What to replace the meat and What to replace the shish kebab .

Now you know what will happen if you do not eat meat, nothing terrible will happen, as many doctors lament. You will sleep better, more energy will appear and life will become easier.

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