How to replace shish kebab

Shish kebab has become an integral part of recreation in nature or in the country, especially in spring with the arrival of the first warm days. But if you decide to become a vegetarian or just want to know what to replace the shish kebab in this article, I'll tell you alternative options that are not inferior in taste and consistency.

Than to replace meat in a shish kebab

  1. Seitan - this dish, which is prepared by washing out starch from flour. The dough is made from flour and water, then washed under the tap until there is a lot of yellow color. Then the remaining dough should be cooked with seasonings, cooled and marinated.
  2. Soy meat. Boil and marinate, as usual meat, along with onions. Excellent replacement meat shish kebab. It is very nutritious, well digested and contains more protein than meat.
  3. Mushrooms. Any, most importantly tasty marinate. In advance, boil them whole (you can add black pepper and bay leaves) and cool. Now you can start marinade. Mushrooms should stand longer and soak up the marinade so that after the brazier they were not dry. Also, a tomato sauce with garlic and seasonings (hops Suneli, a mixture of herbs) will help.
  4. Vegetables. You can make an assortment of your favorite vegetables. Suitable red pepper, zucchini, eggplant, onions, potatoes, tomato. Pre-all marinate.
  5. Bean cutlets. Take any boiled legume, crushed in a blender or mortar, mixed with flour, finely chopped onion and seasoning for shish kebab. You can add a little boiled rice for stickiness. You sculpt oval cutlets. Marinate them is not worth it, because they can fall apart, cook better on the grill, for the same reasons. To cutlets more firmly add flour or rice more.

The recipe for a universal marinade

Vinegar (any suitable), onion, soy sauce, seasoning for shish kebab. Proportions are made by eye, someone likes more vinegar, someone more piquant, someone more salt or more onions.

In a shish kebab a huge component of the taste is created by marinade and cooking on the grill. The meat itself remains in the background, so you can cook shish kebab from almost anything. Include fantasy, try to make shish kebab from different vegetables with a different marinade. Friends of meat-eaters will be surprised from such a variety and will definitely want to try. So make portions more :)

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