What to replace the fish

Many vegetarians allow themselves to eat fish. In the first stages - this is normal, I also at first used it in small quantities. I just did not know what to replace the fish and that in general it is possible. The fact is that people treat fish as plants, swim there something edible in water and does not seem to understand anything, and does not feel it.

In fact, the fish feels pain and without breath, it suffocates. Therefore, the ethical side is present. In addition, the fish contains a lot of harmful substances from the water, including mercury, which can enter your body (raw fish can only be eaten in proven places).

Than you can replace the fish

If you are worried about vitamins and OMEGA-3, OMEGA-6 fats, then a lot of them are contained in flax and linseed oil, and also in mustard oil.

If you do not have enough fish taste, then try the dried seaweed of Nori, very much like a vobla. Yes, and in general eat different algae, they have different shades of flavors.

If you want a consistency and taste of fish, then prepare the following dish: cut the tofu with strips, dip in soy sauce, sprinkle with the seasoning for fish, wrap them in dried seaweed and fry on both sides. The shape should look like crab sticks, to taste for delicate fish.

You can cook fish patties: tofu, seaweed, seasoning for fish and soy sauce to mix in a blender, then add flour, make cutlets and fry on both sides. It turns out delicate, fish cutlets.

For lovers of red and black caviar, there are substitutes. Outwardly and to taste practically you will not distinguish. Such caviar is made from algae without animal products. Only carefully read the composition, there is a caviar in which fish offal is added. For a holiday - a great option. Such a red caviar is 4 times cheaper than the original, and the black one is 30 times.

If you like rolls , then without fish they are also very delicious. From the filling you can use avocado, tofu, lean mayonnaise, cucumbers, tomatoes, red pepper, sesame, mushrooms, algae - chuka. And, of course, you can experiment and try new tastes.

At the expense of shrimp, squid, mussels and others, at first as a replacement for a fish will do. Just remember that all the same - it's living organisms. By the way, the mussels are responsible for the purity in the water, that is, they let the dirt through. Every day they should not be eaten.

Now you know what you can replace the fish without consequences for health and taste. Include fantasy, try new vegetarian dishes and treat respectfully the lesser brothers.

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