than to replace meat

Than to replace meat

If you have eaten all your life with traditional food, then the body is accustomed to certain tastes and smells. And for 1 day the mind will be difficult to change. At any time, you may want to eat something from the old diet. If you deliberately refused meat and understand how it is produced, but only taste keeps you, then you need to know all the options than to replace the meat both in taste and in properties.

Vegetable Meat Replacements

  1. Legumes - lentils, mung beans, chickpeas, peas, beans, soybeans. And lentils and white beans resemble chicken. Red beans and soybeans are beef. From legumes you can make delicious vegan cutlets , very similar to meat. It is enough to add seasoning for meat or chicken and you will get a full cutlet. And they are made very simply and even without eggs: forcemeat from legumes, whole-wheat flour, vegetable oil, seasoning, onions, garlic. Cook the cutlets and fry them from two sides. And if you make a tomato-garlic sauce, then you will get more pleasure.
  2. Soy meat. It is sold in many stores - looks like crackers. There are different sizes, for different dishes. Of these, you can make a full piece of meat, both taste and consistency. The preparation process is simple: first, soy meat should be boiled, for example with laurel leaves or other seasonings, and then fried with onion and spices. You can bake in the oven or eat boiled. If you make the sauce and mix with garnish, the meat is almost indistinguishable.
  3. Seitan - this dish, which is obtained from white flour, by washing out of it starch. It looks like a fat-free pork. How to cook: dough is mixed with flour and water, then washed under the tap, while constantly stretching it. Do this until the dough becomes yellowish. Now the remaining mass must be boiled in spices, cooled and you can cook different "meat" dishes - fry, bake, make shish kebab, steaks, etc. It turns out a very delicate and tasty meat substitute.
  4. Mushrooms. For a change, that's it. You can put out and fry, bake, make zrazy, cutlets, pickle, etc. Of course, the mushrooms have their own taste, but if you fry them with onions, you will get a good alternative to meat.

Someone can say that replacing the taste of meat - it's lying to yourself that it's better to eat a piece of meat. Do not listen to anyone - it's your choice and you decide what to eat and how to feel. Over time, your body adapts, and substitutes are needed for the time of perestroika of the psyche. Do not hurry. Eat with pleasure and use!

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