How to replace milk

You decided to finally give up milk or you have intolerance
lactose. In any case, there are many ways to replace milk with tasty and healthy products.

Products replacing milk

Vegetable milk of home preparation

From which you can cook: any nuts (coconut, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, Greek, Brazilian, etc.), sesame seeds, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, buckwheat (green and steamed), rice, oatmeal, soy. It is prepared very simply: the product you like is taken, mixed with water in a blender and filtered through gauze. Approximate proportions 1: 2. For sweetness, add dates or other natural sweetener. Nuts, seeds and cereals should be soaked in water for a couple of hours beforehand. To make the milk become fatter, put more of the product. Want chocolate milk, add cocoa or a carob. Most of all it reminds cow milk - coconut milk.

Shop milk

Pros of this milk is that it is enriched with vitamins, including B12. It is cheaper to buy in large hypermarkets, and there is more choice there. You can find oatmeal, almond, hazelnut, rice, soy, chocolate, buckwheat. In my opinion, most of all from the store reminds cow milk - oatmeal. He has a more creamy taste. Also a good substitute will be coconut milk and coconut cream.

In baking, you can replace milk with vegetable, in the same proportions as in the recipe.

In many cases simple water will help, for example in pancakes milk can be replaced with mineral water, and simple non-carbonated water will be suitable for baking.

Why Drink Animal Milk?

Cow milk is not such a necessary product for humans, because no one in the wild can eat the milk of animals of a different species, and even more so in adulthood. Cow's milk was created for calves, goats for kids, etc. This product is imprisoned for a certain animal by its composition. To the calf could quickly develop in milk contains a large amount of calcium and other essential substances.

For people, this is more a taste habit and no more (coffee with milk, cereals with milk, pancakes, pastries, cakes, cheeses, cottage cheese, yoghurts). And it is better than mother's milk in infancy for a person there is nothing.

In this article, I will not write about the dangers and benefits of milk, only I note that the milk on the contrary washing away calcium from bones. It is better to drink sesame, poppy milk or use fennel - this is the record for calcium content.

Let's sum up, than milk can be replaced: vegetable milk of house preparation, store vegetable milk and water. The choice of products from which you can make vegetable milk is huge. This is not just one cow and goat milk from thousands of producers. This variety of flavors.

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  1. In which departments are these types of milk sold? I can not find anywhere, even in the most panty and large hypermarkets. Maybe the city, just small. I do not know. Where ordinary milk is in refrigerators or on shelves, where long-lived liquids are stored? Thank you

    1. For example, in Auchan in dairy, cheese and bio-products (in all Auchanas in different ways). At the Crossroads and the ABC of Taste in the dairy department. Well, various online stores)

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