How to replace alcohol

I will not write about the harm of alcohol - this is a well-known fact. If you decide to stop drinking alcohol, but family feast pushes from courtesy to observe the tradition, that is, a way out of this situation, in which everyone will be satisfied. The solution is simple - to replace alcohol with soft drinks.

And now I'll enumerate what to replace alcohol, with benefit, pleasure and external attributes.

  1. Lemon juice or lime juice. In advance squeeze out a couple, three lemons and drink from ordinary glasses, check with guests. Guests will be surprised at this drink, because most are confident that you can not use lemon juice in its pure form (although still as it is possible and nothing bad will happen, but vice versa). Lemon juice is extremely useful. This drink looks very manly from the side, everyone will want to know why, is it possible and maybe someone will want to try. Be ready.
  2. All freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. For example, beet juice by color is similar to wine, apple juice to champagne. Prepare juice in advance and pour into a beautiful bottle. Again, everyone will be interested in what you are drinking and will definitely want to try, so make juice with a margin.
  3. Non-alcoholic cocktails. For example, it is very easy to prepare mojito. We will need: mineral water with gas, a couple of sprigs of mint, half of lime and honey. Everything is mixed in a tall glass, lime can be squeezed, and you can cut into slices, add all the ingredients to taste, someone loves a messenger, someone is more abandoned. Mojito is delicious and looks beautiful. Thus, you can prepare almost any popular cocktail, replacing or removing alcohol from the recipe.
  4. Water. Any clean water, including mineral water, will do. Water is in every house, nothing needs to be invented.

If you are afraid that others will think about you, then nothing terrible will happen, the main thing is to react positively and with self-irony. Have in the arsenal some jokes and iron excuses, like "I'm driving," "my stomach hurts," "I drank yesterday," "I'm on a diet," or "I'm now taking antibiotics."

A couple of feasts and everyone will get used to it. In fact, all the same, whether you drink or not, all are afraid that someone will break their comfortable state of alcohol dependence. And you will be like a white crow. By your example, perhaps you will encourage someone to become a supporter of non-alcoholic existence. And it's wonderful!

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