Than meat is harmful to humans

Meat has become an integral part of almost any diet. It is sold in any store, there is in every house. We have been taught from the childhood to eat meat, believing that without it we simply will not survive. But for some reason people in India somehow survive, they have a very widespread vegetarianism.

A lot of axioms have developed around meat, for example, "to be strong you need to eat meat," "without meat you will not grow," "meat contains essential amino acids," "we ate meat all my life," "what about the north?", I will die without meat ", etc. Many things you can hear when you become a vegetarian , surprisingly, these phrases are all about the same.

So why do people become vegetarians, what is harmful to meat?

Vegetarians become for various reasons, but in any case, your refusal will affect your health for the better. The fact is that every animal has its own type of food. Man is an animal, although he possesses reason, that is why certain foodstuffs are created for him by nature. But since a reasonable person, he decided that he can eat anything, everything will be digested. But this is not so. Read on this topic article The human predator or herbivore ? We're just not predators. Note that in the wild no one is sick, and pets are sick with human diseases. Of course, it's not just meat, but it plays a significant role in the formation of many diseases.

Meat is harmful to humans primarily by the presence of antibiotics, cadaveric poison and hormones. Do you think cows graze in a meadow and eat grass? By no means. They are in terrible conditions, they are fed grain, adding bone powder, which are not species food for cows. Naturally, they get sick and therefore they are pricked by antibiotics. That animals grow faster and become more they are stabbed by growth hormones. All this partially falls into the human body, despite the heat treatment. It can cause any disease.

You pay a great price for the taste of meat. Unintended consequences may begin in the future. Meat is the main supplier of excess cholesterol, in excess it clogs blood vessels, and this forms cardiovascular diseases. Excessive consumption of meat may in the future provoke cancer.

Meat provokes a large release of insulin in the pancreas, which is rather strange, because meat does not contain carbohydrates. Therefore, for any type of diabetes, first of all, give up meat.

Meat causes a habit, due to opiate (narcotic) action. If you do not eat meat for at least 3 weeks, then the pull will subside.

Due to the prevalence of meat variety, even more deadly diseases have appeared. Meat provokes such diseases as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, kidney damage, obesity and food poisoning. In general, meat now, like cigarettes - it's harmful to smoke, but everyone smokes :)

To digest meat is a lot of energy, so you want to sleep. This is not an effective product for humans, because the food on the contrary should give energy. The more we load ourselves with such food, the faster we wear out the body, hence all the diseases. In thermo-processed meat there are no nutrients, even vitamin B12 remains in question. Studies have been conducted that meat eaters may have a deficiency of this vitamin. Therefore, the consumption of meat as a basic product is imposed by society.

If you can not live meat, then eat it with lots of fresh vegetables, not every day, in small portions and buy from trusted farmers. But remember that meat is not such an important product, meat is easily replaced with plant food.

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