Is man a predator or a herbivore?

If you look at the nutrition of modern man, it turns out that we are not that predators or herbivores, we are omnivores. And the root of the word is "poison". Although we must remember that we are all animals. And all kinds of animals in nature eat a certain food. Yes, we have a mind and for hundreds of years we've adapted to eat everything, but it did not make us better. Pets also eat uncharacteristic food and therefore suffer from human diseases. Is it normal? So all the same, what should we eat? Is man a predator or a herbivore?

Let's not dig into history, but just look at the human body from all sides and compare it with predators and herbivores.

  • Predators have a fixed jaw, there are fangs. If you think that we have the same fangs, try to tear the flesh of an animal or bite an automobile tire, nothing will come of it. Our fangs are needed for biting fruit.
  • We have a chewing jaw to grind food and it moves left and right. Predators practically do not chew. Their jaw moves only down and up.
  • The composition of saliva in our digestion already in the mouth, we can grind and dissolve food. Predators do not.
  • A man has a weak scent, in comparison with a predator.
  • No claws to attack and tear the flesh. A person - do not have claws, look at the claws of predators.
  • A person has a long intestine for assimilation of nutrients, a predator is short, so that the meat does not rot in the digestive tract.
  • The acidity of gastric juice in predators is much higher. This is necessary to dissolve meat food. In humans, meat and other heavy foods are not completely digested and decay.

Just think, do you want to hunt with your bare hands, let alone kill, and then gnaw the corpse of a poor animal?

And the fact that for us growing cattle, they kill it in closed premises far from human eyes - this is considered a normal process for a person.

"Cows are specially grown for people!" So, who grows them? People themselves.

In supermarkets there is nothing but hypocrisy - everything is nicely laid out and packed, it feels as though pieces of meat were born, and they were simply collected and brought to the shops.

The most important thing is that food should give energy, and after meat no energy, just want to sleep.

And now, draw a conclusion - a human predator or herbivore? By what signs is he a predator? What makes him a predator? If everyone eats meat - this does not mean that everyone is right. If everyone gets sick and goes to doctors - it does not mean that it should be like that for everyone. Literally a hundred years ago there was not so much disease, and it's not just the meat industry, it's also in it.

P.S. Think with your head, analyze information, read books about true health and be happy!

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