What will happen if you do not eat meat

It is difficult to imagine any meal without a piece of meat, be sure to lie at least cooked sausage. Meat dishes have become a standard of prosperity, although such have long been not. And if you are worried what will happen if you do not eat meat , then read this article to the end. Read more "What will happen if you do not eat meat"

Vegetable sources of protein

Proteins are a building material for new cells. There are many recommendations on the daily intake of protein. In many respects it depends on your way of life, but on the average 1gr. protein per 1kg of body weight per day will be enough. Today you will learn the best vegetable sources of protein . Read more «Vegetable sources of protein»

The essence of vegetarianism

Types of vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is the refusal to eat any animal meat for various reasons (ethical, spiritual, health, environmental). There are varieties of such food. And today I will tell you what kinds of vegetarianism exist and what is their meaning. Read more «Types of vegetarianism»

Is man a predator or a herbivore?

If you look at the nutrition of modern man, it turns out that we are not that predators or herbivores, we are omnivores. And the root of the word is "poison". Although we must remember that we are all animals. And all kinds of animals in nature eat a certain food. Yes, we have a mind and for hundreds of years we've adapted to eat everything, but it did not make us better. Pets also eat uncharacteristic food and therefore suffer from human diseases. Is it normal? So all the same, what should we eat? Is man a predator or a herbivore? Read more "A man is a predator or a herbivore?"

What eats vegans

What eats vegans

Those who hear the word "vegetarian", and even more so "vegan" think that this food is one grass. It's all about ignorance and little awareness of this way of life. In fact, the diet of vegans is much wider and more useful than the traditional type of food. But what exactly eat vegans , let's understand. Read more "What Vegans Eat"

Why people eat meat

why people eat meat

Very interesting question, which can not be answered unambiguously. But I have some thoughts on this matter and today I want to share them. Read more "Why people eat meat"

The Benefits and Harms of Vegetarianism

The benefits and harms of vegetarianism

You decided to try a new diet or just decided to give up animal products for one reason or another. But you are afraid, but suddenly something will go wrong. Suddenly I will not get the proper effect. Everything new in life causes fear and fear. And this is normal. Today we will talk about the benefits and dangers of vegetarianism , but whether it is worth it. Read more "The Benefits and Harms of Vegetarianism"

How to become a vegetarian

how to become a vegetarian

You decided to try a vegetarian diet for some reason. This is very commendable! You will benefit your health and take part in the process of saving animals by reducing demand. Now let's figure out where to start, and how to actually become a vegetarian . Read more "How to become a vegetarian"