Raw meat cutlets [recipe]

raw bacon

The recipe for these cutlets arose accidentally when I was preparing juice from carrots and cabbage. After them remained cake and throw it was a pity, so there were raw-meat cutlets . Read more «Raw meat cutlets [recipe]»

How to eat fruits correctly

People are used to perceive fruits as a dessert, but in no way the main food. Many do not even think that you can have breakfast not with porridge or eggs, but with fruit. For the majority it is a pleasant addition to the main meal. But beyond that, many do not even know how to eat fruits properly . After all, there are certain rules that you need to follow in order to feel fine. Read more "How to eat fruits"

Baked Pumpkin in the oven [2 recipes with photos]

Pumpkin is a hearty and delicious treat. From a pumpkin you can cook a dessert, a side dish or an independent dish. It is very nutritious, due to starch. If the variety is unsweetened, you can replace the pumpkin with potatoes. The baked pumpkin in the oven is the simplest recipe and I'll tell you about it today. Read more «Baked Pumpkin in the oven [2 recipes with photos]»

Vegan charlotte with apples [recipe]

The vegan diet

Today it is fashionable to sit on diets and constantly lose weight. But the diet is a temporary solution, then everything comes back and you have to lose weight again. And in order not to be bored, the diet needs to be changed. Correctly selected vegan diet can bring visible results in the form of a beautiful figure and perfect well-being. Read more «The Vegan Diet»

Dairy dependence

Milk plays a big role in our life. It contains almost all products. It is difficult for an average person to imagine life without milk. It is sold at every corner and is in every house. Dairy dependence has taken over the world. Read more "Dairy dependence"

How to get rid of overeating

How to get rid of overeating

An age-old problem of all people, which does not give many peace - is overeating. Food haunts us everywhere, wherever you look - advertising food, someone, something chews, constant talk about food. And to understand how to get rid of overeating , you need to find the cause and remove it. Read more "How to get rid of overeating"

Vegan Menu

Many people think that vegetarians eat one grass, and vegans, in general, are not clear what. But it turns out that their food is much more interesting and richer than traditional dishes. The vegan menu is filled with new tastes and combinations that can be constantly improved and changed. Read more «Vegans Menu»

Transition to veganism

The reasons for each have their own - someone very fond of animals, someone learned about the dangers of animal products. But in any case, switching to veganism is the right choice. Whatever one may say, veganism has some pluses - saving animals, improving ecology and health. Decreasing demand, supply decreases. Read more «The transition to veganism»

The Benefits of Veganism

We consist of what we eat. Each cell is nourished, in that it enters the stomach. If you eat poison, it is logical that you will feel bad. The use of veganism for the body is to exclude the main poisons of mankind - animal products. Read more "The Benefits of Veganism"