Homemade banana ice cream: recipe

To prepare a delicious, banana ice cream, you do not need much. This is the simplest and at the same time delicious dessert. Surprisingly, it is absolutely raw, but with a creamy taste. Today you will discover the simplest recipe for banana ice cream, which you can eat at any time of the year. Read more «Homemade banana ice cream: recipe»

Raw sirloin

Syedoedchesky Olivier

Sometimes I want to remember the taste of childhood and try a salad, which is present at all celebrations - Olivier. I want to please you, there are a lot of interpretations of this salad, but today I will tell you how to prepare raw olive . Read more "Raw olive"

How to cook coconut milk

Natural coconut milk can be easily prepared at home. To do this, you will need a blender, gauze and a container with a lid for storage. Before, to prepare milk, coconut should be opened and drink coconut water from it. To do this, read the article How to crack coconut at home . As a result, you should have coconut pulp, from which you need to make coconut milk . Read more «How to cook coconut milk»

Raw breakfast

To diversify the menu on raw food, in addition to vegetables and fruits, you sometimes want something special. Today I'll tell you how you can make a raw breakfast delicious and useful. Read more «Raw breakfast»

What eats vegans

What eats vegans

Those who hear the word "vegetarian", and even more so "vegan" think that this food is one grass. It's all about ignorance and little awareness of this way of life. In fact, the diet of vegans is much wider and more useful than the traditional type of food. But what exactly eat vegans , let's understand. Read more "What Vegans Eat"

How to replace milk

You decided to finally give up milk or you have intolerance
lactose. In any case, there are many ways to replace milk with tasty and healthy products. Read more "How to replace milk"

Vegan breakfast

Everyone has become accustomed to eating milk porridge in the morning, we have been taught this from childhood. But very few people know that animal milk does not combine well with cereals. Milk is best used separately and mixed with nothing. It is even better to replace it with vegetable milk, for example sesame, which is the record holder for calcium content. And today you will learn how to cook a delicious and nutritious vegan breakfast . Read more «Vegan Breakfast»

How to replace shish kebab

Shish kebab has become an integral part of recreation in nature or in the country, especially in spring with the arrival of the first warm days. But if you decide to become a vegetarian or just want to know what to replace the shish kebab in this article, I'll tell you alternative options that are not inferior in taste and consistency. Read more "How to replace shish kebab"

What to replace the fish

Many vegetarians allow themselves to eat fish. In the first stages - this is normal, I also at first used it in small quantities. I just did not know what to replace the fish and that in general it is possible. The fact is that people treat fish as plants, swim there something edible in water and does not seem to understand anything, and does not feel it.

In fact, the fish feels pain and without breath, it suffocates. Therefore, the ethical side is present. In addition, the fish contains a lot of harmful substances from the water, including mercury, which can enter your body (raw fish can only be eaten in proven places). Read more "What to replace the fish"

Than to replace meat

than to replace meat

If you have eaten all your life with traditional food, then the body is accustomed to certain tastes and smells. And for 1 day the mind will be difficult to change. At any time, you may want to eat something from the old diet. If you deliberately refused meat and understand how it is produced, but only taste keeps you, then you need to know all the options than to replace the meat both in taste and in properties. Read more "What to replace meat"